This job has now expired
20 Sallows Shaw, Sole Street, Cobham, Gravesend
Fixed Term Full Time

The Chaplain will be employed by the Trustees of the College and will hold the Bishop of Rochester’s Licence.

Closing date for applications: 29th April 2019
Interviews will be held on 16th May 2019

The Chaplain is responsible for providing collegians with spiritual and pastoral care. A dedicated person is required who can minister to clergy and lay-people from a range of Anglican traditions, has administrative and line-management experience and is willing to be flexible about the various duties of the post.


  • The Chaplain acts as line manager for the following staff: Lodge keeper, part time gardener, part time support worker, and part-time cleaner.
  • Regularly communicate with the Chair of Trustees, the Clerk to the Trustees and other Trustees as necessary.
  • Manage and account for petty cash.
  • Oversee the Chapel Fund.
  • Prepare quarterly reports for Trustees and attended the quarterly Trustees’ meetings.
  • Monitor fabric of the buildings and grounds and meet the Trustees’ surveyor monthly to plan repairs as required.
  • Undertake annual appraisals of staff and direct towards opportunities for developing their role.
  • Act as the charity’s Data Controller and Health and Safety officer.


  • Work in a collaborative manner to promote the spiritual wellbeing of Collegians.
  • Organise chapel services: prepare rotas for ministers.
  • Overseeing special services for Founders’ Day.
  • Act as an encourager and enabler.
  • Encourage and support collegians to develop their spiritual gifts.
  • Relate where possible to the wider church in the local community.


  • Visit collegians and offer support when appropriate
  • Hold at least twice yearly Chaplain’s meetings with Collegians
  • Maintain confidential Collegian files
  • Work alongside collegians and their families, together with the Trustees to respond to the changing needs of Collegians.
  • Liaise with appropriate external agencies NHS, Social Services, Third sector.
  • Act as responder to the Personal Alarm Call service
  • Maintain a reasonable level of ‘on call’ for emergencies*
  • Assist the Clerk to the Trustees and the Trustees in the appointment of new Collegians.

The college is designed for independent living thus it cannot be expected that the Chaplain will provide a 24/7 on call service, nor be available in person

  • Ordained minister comfortable with a wide spectrum of churchmanship
  • Able to respond to collegians in terms of spiritual, personal and emotional needs
  • Have a keen interest in people and be a good listener
  • Experience of financial, personnel and wider management issues including the use of Word & Excel
  • Understands safeguarding and safer recruitment issues.
  • Conversant with role of NHS, Social services and third sector organisations
  • Be pragmatic and practical
  • Willing to undertake training as necessary

Huggens College was founded in 1844 as an Almshouse charity by John Huggens, a City Merchant, and is administered by up to twelve Trustees. The Trust Deed states that it is for the benefit of "retired professional classes and gentlefolk". It was rebuilt in 1968 as thirty bungalows in private grounds off College Road in Northfleet, Kent. At present, there are thirty-seven residents, including eight married couples, representing many different vocations: social workers, church workers, nurses, teachers, civil servants and missionaries. All are members of the Church of England or members of Churches affiliated to Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Although living as a community, they continue to exercise a great deal of independence. Once a month, a Trustee spends a day at the College and visits all Collegians. The College is registered as "Sheltered Housing" but has no facilities for long term nursing or caring for those incapable of looking after themselves.