Central Hub Leader - All Saints Wigan team (Assistant Curate to become Team Vicar)

This job has now expired
Ince in Makerfield

The Central hub has been formed by bringing five parishes together to go beyond existing structures working together on a radical growth strategy as part of the first strategic development project of the Church Commissioners called ‘Transforming.

They are seeking a Hub Leader to together serve the local community and lead them forward into a vibrant future. As a member of the Church Wigan Leadership team you will partner in leading and implementing the significant culture change to see disciples being called, grown, equipped and released to create a bigger church making a bigger difference.

You will be offered a four bedroom vicarage in Ince.

Closing Date: 14th April 2019
Interviews: To be confirmed

The parishes are part of a wider movement, Church Wigan, which is seeking to transform the way we approach being worshipping communities in the 21st Century. Our overall aim is to create a new form of team ministry that enables a focus on mission and planting new congregations.

The Central Hub circles the town centre and features many suburbs that flow from the centre. We class this area as an Urban Priority area. The area has a strong sense of traditional community with a desire to work together. The worshipping communities cover a range of styles from traditional Eucharistic to café church and family churches. The Hub also has four church primary schools alongside two community schools and a secondary academy in its area.

As well as the Hub Leader there will be an associate leader to help lead the mission and ministry plan in this part of Church Wigan.

The church is looking for a priest who will:

  • support the leadership towards a new style of worshipping community
  • build and lead a collaborative team
  • work across a range of traditions to deliver high quality worship
  • maintain and invest in our relationships with local schools and colleges.
  • support the diocesan strategy seeking opportunities to build a bigger church to make a bigger difference.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • strong leadership skills
  • enthusiasm, passion and energy
  • a great sense of humour
  • humility and self-awareness
  • a God centred, bible based, spirit filled approach

For more information about this application process, please use this link

For many years we have been working to achieve growth in our diocese. We have used different ways to express this but the aim and direction of travel has remained the same – consistent with the whole of the Church of England. When Bishop Paul was installed he adopted our growth agenda refreshing it by saying ‘we are asking God for a bigger church so we can make a bigger difference; more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world’

This is how we express our mission.

We think we will achieve this mission if we have:

100 new congregations
1,000 new leaders
10,000 disciples

to help us do this we are calling every worshipping Christian in our diocese to

  • Sign up to the Bishop of Liverpool’s rule of life which will encourage and support us to Read, Learn, Pray, Give, Serve, Tell
  • bring 1 friend into the regular worshipping and serving life of the church (bring one friend)
  • do 10 acts of service or find 10 new points of connection beyond the walls of the church (do ten things)“