Vicar of Christ Church, Croydon in the Diocese of Southwark

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Christ Church, Croydon is a vibrant, flourishing church, which is passionate about living and speaking the Gospel message in the heart of Croydon. We are Anglican and evangelical, open to renewal and delighted that our church family embraces everyone irrespective of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Our Church is a family-oriented community in which real life is shared, lived out and celebrated. We share a strong sense of family and belonging, looking out for each other, and a loving community.

Worship is central to all we do. Worship will continue to be the primary way we come together. As the main ‘shop window’ of the church our services will also be a key source of church growth as we welcome new people from the community who are interested in faith exploring.

Our Vision

We are a Church which exists to give honour and glory to God in Jesus Christ. God works in mysterious ways and we see ourselves as a centre of Christian renewal in the lives of Individuals, families, congregations and communities.

Building up the fellowship of Christ Church spiritually and socially focusing on discipleship and developing relationships. Reaching out and developing our work with children and young people. Increasing our witness of Christ in the community.

The London Borough of Croydon is a London borough in south London, England and is part of Outer London. It covers an area of 87 km2 (33.6 sq. mi) and is the largest London borough by population. It is the southernmost borough of London. At its center is the historic town of Croydon from which the borough takes its name. Croydon is mentioned in Domesday Book, and from a small market town has expanded into one of the most populous areas on the fringe of London. Croydon is the civic centre of the borough. The borough is now one of London's leading business, financial and cultural centres, and its influence in entertainment and the arts contribute to its status as a major metropolitan centre.

Christ Church is situated in West Croydon in an area of high ethnic diversity as well as relatively high social deprivation. Croydon is one of the largest London Boroughs and is looking forward to the transformation of the town centre with the complete rebuilding of the Whitgift Centre which will incorporate leisure facilities alongside a greatly enhanced retail sector, together with new flats and apartments which will bring an increased population into the town centre. We would be seeking to work together with the other Anglican churches in the deanery and our ecumenical partners to reach out to what is likely to be a young and vibrant population.

Our worship aims to be informal, relaxed and family-friendly while retaining our distinctive Anglican liturgical forms for our Eucharist which are Common Worship book and Book of Common Prayer. Clergy usually robe for services which include the sacraments. We gather altogether for our main service at 10.30am which is attended by around 120 people of all ages. Children and young people leave for their groups after the confession and absolution. We are blessed to have both a good number of young people and a gifted and dedicated team of leaders and helpers. On the second Sunday of each month we have an all age service and we also have regular youth-led services every fifth Sunday of the calendar month which have helped to attract many more young people from in and outside our parish church. We have a significant amount of lay involvement in our worship including reading, leading the intercessions and preaching. We see ourselves as open to the working of the Holy Spirit.

We have different styles of worship, from the more traditional through to the most contemporary. Inevitably, there are always opinions on the music used, with some preferring traditional and theologically rich hymns and others wanting modern, response-focused songs. We see a place for both and have tried to develop a real breadth in our expressions of worship. We use the Source worship collection and Mission Praise. We also have a young people’s group called Sanctus who along with other young people take part and lead services at times. We have a number of young people who are gifted singers and enjoy taking part in worship.

We are looking for someone who:

  • has a deeply rooted spirituality and knows how to resource him/herself.
  • values the Bible as the prime source of inspiration, wisdom, teaching and preaching.
  • is an effective communicator and preacher.

We would love someone to come and work with us who:

  • has a passion for reaching out to people including those who are unchurched, introducing them to Jesus, and can inspire others to do the same.
  • holds views in keeping with the principles underpinning our Vision Statement and our church tradition of open evangelical belief.
  • has experience of a collaborative and co-operative approach to church leadership and of developing different expressions of what it means to be a Christian community.
  • has the ability to enable others to grow spiritually and discover and develop their gifts (and in the context of the staff team, has the qualities required to maintain our status as a curacy training parish).
  • has leadership gifts exercised in a personal, pastoral and supportive way.

Collaborative, Enabling, Nurturing

  • Collaborative, team player, able to delegate but willing to take strategic decisions
  • Someone who can appreciate all talents
  • Enabler, willing to support, develop others’ gifts and nurture young people
  • Collegiate – leads as one of many
  • Someone who can help coordinate the skills of church members and to bring new members into the fold

Leader, Teacher, Strategic thinker

  • Someone who can listen and then lead (not lead then listen)
  • Someone who is able to bring people with them
  • Leader who is a good teacher
  • Strategist, who thinks of the bigger picture
  • One of the congregation, not ‘on the top table’ who sees us as a project or is a careerist
  • Challenging; wise; strategic; clear thinker
  • Strong positive leader – not controlling or with a set agenda

Mature, Experienced, Wise

  • Someone who’s worked in the real world, can relate teaching to how many people live their working lives
  • Qualified to supervise curates/ordinands and continue our work as a training church
  • Someone with experience of life, a mature perspective
  • Mature in faith, faithful in prayer
  • Grounded in reality, wisdom and discernment
  • Not a technophobe

Unifying, Balanced, Broadminded

  • Someone who can hold together classic and contemporary styles of worship
  • Able to relate to all ages and complement our leadership and management skills
  • Someone who is open to questions
  • Someone with breadth – who can support diversity
  • Balance of leadership

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