Dean of Chichester

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Chichester Cathedral, Chichester
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Deans' Stipend

From Bishop Martin

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity has been the seat of the bishop of Chichester and a centre of worship and mission since 1075. The Constitution and Statutes under the Cathedrals Measure 2021 clearly re-affirm that vocation.

Chichester is provincial. It benefits from proximity to the sea and the South Downs. It can also be introspective. The Dean must withstand parochialism, while valuing the strengths and insights of this locality. Outside interests in the wider Church and society will help to maintain that balance.

Like the bishop, the Dean will need to engage with the challenges of being located remotely at the western end of a large diocese. Overcoming resentment of the distances involved is key to the task of presenting the cathedral as an instrument of unity and a source of encouragement and learning. The quality of spiritual and material hospitality that is offered in the cathedral will also be a significant contribution to the fulfilment of its vocation.

From at least the beginning of the 13th century, Chichester has had a tradition of engagement with the arts and sciences in the service of the liturgy. That tradition encouraged many of the artistic and musical contributions of the last century. Similarly, it must inspire the Dean in the 21st century to seek contemporary expressions of faith that are commensurate with that inheritance.

The Dean will be responsible for nurturing in colleagues a spirit of parrēsia, boldness and confidence (John 16.26; Acts 4.29; 1 John 2:28), that will engage contemporary culture in presenting an authentic, theologically informed, and socially compelling communication of the Christian faith. The City of Chichester offers an art gallery, theatre, and university that each invite further exploration of this engagement.

These will include:

  • Developing your own personal life of prayer, spiritual development and theological reflection, and ensuring space is created for this with colleagues with whom you share responsibility for the Cathedral.
  • Bringing a revitalised, visible, unifying leadership, vision and purpose.
  • Ministering pastorally to rebuild the Cathedral community, recognising the past, consolidating the work done and building on 950 years of Christian witness to bring a sense of joyful hope for the future.
  • Working to build, expand and diversify the existing platform of relationships and partnerships, turning the Cathedral into a centre of mission, ensuring it is a force for good in the City and Diocese and a welcoming, accessible place for all.
  • Nurturing a younger and more diverse Cathedral community through opportunities for people of every age and background to participate in its life.
  • Conscious of the constraints of geographical distance, working to ensure that the Cathedral, its leadership, work and mission are fully integrated into all aspects of Diocesan life, resourcing and working in partnership to proclaim the Gospel.
  • Recognising the significant challenges facing the Cathedral, but also realising the enormous potential, striving to ensure that sound governance and accountability are in place.
  • Recognising the financial situation, the rich heritage and fabric of the Cathedral and its estate as something that needs careful and constant stewardship to be sustainable, including the Church’s commitment to Carbon Net Zero and other challenges.

Someone who is:

  • An experienced, confident leader and pastor with creative energy who is emotionally intelligent, hospitable, visible, communicative, unifying, empowering and encouraging. A courageous leader who is collaborative, decisive, unafraid to challenge, yet humble and able to ask for help; someone who can nurture the gifts of others throughout the Cathedral community.
  • A gifted preacher and teacher in mission who is committed to prayer and to inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds as confident missionary disciples. An innovative and creative leader in mission and evangelism with the ability to navigate and balance the spiritual with the commercial.
  • Has a heart for the Anglican choral tradition whilst also embracing different styles of worship and ways of being the Church.
  • Gifted in developing partnerships, someone at ease in the public square, passionate about social justice and able to break down barriers. Who understands and can maximise the Cathedral’s convening power, who loves community engagement, working with others and is able to move seamlessly between intersecting worlds and relationships.
  • Understands the need for, and derives satisfaction from, good governance and effective implementation of the new Cathedrals Measure, as well as having financial and commercial awareness. Experience of leading, developing, motivating and empowering staff teams and volunteers. Someone who is strategic, resilient and looks to the long-term with the ability to instil and inspire a sense of momentum and purpose.

The Cathedral is a living church that has been at the centre of life in Chichester for over nine centuries. It is a place of worship and mission, the Mother Church of the Diocese of Chichester (which covers East and West Sussex) and the seat of the Bishop of Chichester. It is supported by a committed worshipping congregation, a small but dedicated staff team and over 400 volunteers.

The Cathedral is a leading visitor attraction, a venue for artistic and cultural activity, and an all-round hub for the community, welcoming over 250,000 visitors each year. Music is a central element in the Cathedral’s life. The Choir, which offers eight sung services each week and contributes to the Cathedral’s outreach around the diocese, has a high reputation at national and international level. It also hosts many high-quality musical performances each year by choirs, orchestras and chamber groups.