Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee and Diocesan Board of Patronage Secretary

This job has now expired
£15,000 per annum for 17.5 hours per week

The DMPC & DBP Secretary role is an exciting opportunity for someone to be part of the team who could make a significant difference to the mission and ministry of the Diocese for future years. The role is a significant enabling role in promoting and supporting the pastoral and organisational changes and developments that are needed to ensure our organisational structures help to facilitate the mission and ministry of our churches, parishes, deaneries, archdeaconries, and diocese.

They will be the first point of contact for incumbents, churchwardens, patrons and others when they seek advice about pastoral reorganisation and have questions concerning the future of individual church buildings.

The Effective Management of the DMPC

  • To prepare papers for Bishop’s Council (acting in its capacity as DMPC) and to prepare the agenda, papers and minutes for meetings of any sub-committees
  • To communicate effectively the decisions of the committee and implement those decisions
  • To draft Schemes under the Mission & Pastoral Measure 2011
  • To conduct full consultation with all Interested Parties, both informal and formal
  • To respond to any representations made to these consultations and to represent the Diocese at National Committee meetings as required
  • To prepare paperwork for the Church Commissioners
  • To implement Pastoral Schemes once approved
  • To manage the processes for implementation of Bishop’s Mission Orders
  • To manage the Suspension of Presentation process and to keep a systematic record of Suspensions

Churches Closed for Public Worship

  • To create sub-committees as required for new cases
  • To manage the processes laid down in the Mission & Pastoral Measure
  • To be responsible for closed churches during the use seeking period; once a church has been formally closed by Pastoral Scheme / Order responsibility for its day-to-day property and asset management will transfer to the Property department
  • To work closely with the Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary on matters relating to closed and closing churches

Interested applicants should see the attached documents and follow the attached link to our website to apply

DMPC & DBP Secretary - Diocese of Derby (anglican.org)