House for duty priest-in-charge of the Hemsby and Lound parishes

This job has now expired
Office Holder

We have a deep desire for strong, faithful, spiritual and pastoral leadership after a long interregnum.

We can’t wait to welcome our new priest into the villages and wider communities; this is a wonderful place!

These two parishes, separated by a distance of about 15 miles, have been part of two multi-parish benefices. Both are petitioning parishes, under the care of the Bishop of Richborough. After consultation and exploring various ways forward, we have come to the view that they will flourish best by being removed from their current benefices, and joined as two parishes under the care of a House-for-Duty priest-in-charge. The formal process to make these changes will take some time to work through, but there is willingness, from all involved, to proceed to an appointment on this basis.

The profiles, prepared by the PCCs, give a good flavour and account of these communities and the life of the churches.

We are looking for:

  • A man of prayer, rooted and grounded in the catholic tradition of the Church of England.
  • A priest who appreciates and delights in the beauty of holiness and will maintain and develop the sacramental life of the churches.
  • A fellow-traveller who prays for and with us, to enrich our worship and its relevance to the everyday.
  • Above all a pastor who is joyful and interested in people, committed to visiting and able both to lead us in faith, to support us in our daily lives, and to help us to bring new and younger people into the congregation.
  • An engaging preacher and teacher and communicator of Gospel truth.
  • Someone who will discern the talents of his people and encourage them in their lay ministry within the church and wider community.
  • A person who enjoys the countryside and understands village life, and will be able to tune in to the local culture and environment, who understands the advantages of good administration and communication, and of being seen in the parish
  • Someone with good organisational and team working skills
  • A priest who can build on existing relationships with Hemsby School, and someone who is experienced with youth work