Senior Chaplain - Bishop of Ebbsfleet

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UK, but with the ability to attend occasional meetings at the Ebbsfleet Office in Chester
£28,917 per year (pro rata)

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet seeks to provide oversight and encouragement for evangelical congregations in the Church of England which pass resolutions under the House of Bishops’ Declaration. Currently 148 churches have done so. The Bishop has formal oversight responsibilities for about half of these but informally relates to all. He is an Assistant Bishop in 16 Dioceses currently, but with resolution parishes in 16 more.

The role of Senior Chaplain to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet is designed to provide support for the Bishop in his engagement with the House and College of Bishops, Dioceses, Parishes and other local church congregations as well as with bodies external to the church.

The role is a 0.5 post – it has two dimensions to it - one largely analytical and could therefore be carried out very flexibly and one more active in terms of advice and assistance to parishes requiring some day-time availability. There are not many weekend demands, so it might well suit a part-time incumbent, or part-time ordained deacon.

The working pattern is understood to be three days a week equivalent, flexibly worked, with specific fixed times for coordinated meetings and occasional conference attendance;

The post is offered as a fixed three year contract, which can then be reviewed.

An enhanced DBS check with Children’s and Adults’ Barred list will be required.

If you would like further first hand information about the role, please contact Senior Chaplain, Mark Wallace, who will be happy to have an informal conversation (

Applications need to be received by 30th Sept 2023 by email to

We hope to interview on Friday 6th October 2023.

For full information and to apply, please find the covering letter and application form attached.

Please do not apply using the online form and link below.

The Role

Analysis and Drafting

  • Analysis of restricted papers and the provision of briefing material on issues that need to be addressed;
  • Some initial sermon planning for the Bishop’s preaching engagements;
  • Occasional first drafts of articles, speeches and booklets;
  • Carrying out further work on papers for which the Bishop has provided an initial outline;
  • Preparation of materials for and chairing of meetings of the Bishop’s Advisory Group, that take place three times a year;
  • Assisting the PA in producing summary ministry profiles for the +Ebbsfleet’s reviews.

Oversight of New Initiatives

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet seeks to play an active part in Church-wide initiatives – for example those relating to 5 Guiding principles, or Developing Pastoral Supervision. The Chaplain may therefore be asked to:

  • Be involved in meetings / conferences / consultations on this, within the wider CoE;
  • Consult evangelical ‘resolution’ church leaders on the part they can play;
  • Prepare initial proposals;
  • Approach others who can assist in delivery of initiatives, and oversee their work.

Preparation for Services

The Senior Chaplain will be responsible for reviewing draft Orders of Service and advising parishes on liturgy.


The Bishop’s PA is able to handle many enquiries that come in from parishes but some enquiries involve an exercise of judgement that the PA is not in a position to make. These will be referred to the Senior Chaplain for advice – who in turn will need to decide which ones to refer to the Bishop.

Advice and Encouragement

The Senior Chaplain will occasionally liaise with or visit parishes and PCCs. This support will vary greatly from answering straightforward queries to longer term supportive involvement, in order to:

  • Provide information on what is involved in the process of passing a resolution and answering questions;
  • Advise on Church of England processes (eg in obtaining BMOs);
  • Provide scriptural teaching, encouragement and pastoral support, especially during vacancies or the long-term absence of incumbents.


The Senior Chaplain will need to establish good working relationships with other chaplains in various dioceses as well as senior staff. It is also important to establish good relationships with those working within the NCIs at various levels and in various capacities. In addition, the chaplain will need to liaise with the Bishop’s Pastoral Advisers and members of his Advisory Group from time to time in order to ensure proper communication. A good working relationship with the Bishop’s PA will be essential, as he heads the administrative side of the work.

The Requirements

This role is designed to provide support for the Bishop of Ebbsfleet from a senior ordained colleague. It will, therefore, be of incumbent-equivalent status. The postholder(s) will need to have the following attributes:


  • Ability to analyse large amounts of written material and draw clear conclusions;
  • Ability to initiate and develop new areas of work at the Bishop’s request;
  • An able expositor of the Word of God;
  • Articulate, both in speech and writing;
  • Administratively and organisationally capable;
  • In possession of an eye for detail without making this an obsession;
  • Able to work well in a team, with colleagues in the office, in parish churches and within the NCIs.


  • Knows and loves the Lord Jesus;
  • A conservative evangelical with complementarian convictions;
  • Prayerful;
  • Convinced about the importance of the local church (in terms of congregational gatherings);
  • Mindful of his own spiritual needs.


Although much of the role can be undertaken in a study, there is an important element which is outward-facing. The Chaplain therefore needs to exhibit:

  • Courtesy, diplomacy and patience;
  • Discretion – especially in maintaining confidentiality;
  • Good judgement, especially in considering how to respond to requests for assistance in ways that are supportive of the Bishop’s strategy and approach;
  • A clear mind – even when under pressure;
  • An ability to empathise with those who come for help;
  • A pastoral heart;
  • Decisiveness combined with humility.

Helpful additional skills

  • A good working knowledge of the conservative evangelical constituency, and familiarity with its networks;
  • A clear understanding of Anglican polity and liturgy;
  • A capacity to grasp and help coordinate different organisational requirements from different dioceses.


  • The role is funded as a 0.5 incumbent’s stipend (National Stipend Benchmark rates);
  • The working pattern is understood to be three days a week equivalent, flexibly worked, with specific fixed times for coordinated meetings and occasional conference attendance;
  • It is offered as a fixed three year contract, which can then be reviewed.

Who might it suit?

  • An ordained man or woman deacon who is currently serving only part-time in a parish;
  • A person otherwise undertaking further Christian studies, requiring part-time funding;
  • An experienced minister wishing to move from full time ministry to a part time role while preparing for a subsequent retirement, or a continued part-time ministry in the early years of a retirement.

There are possibilities of variations in the above outline as part of negotiation with the right candidate, so feel free to make contact to explore possibilities further.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet serves Parishes across England who pass a resolution to uphold Evangelical Complementarian teaching as part of the Church of England.

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