Trustee of the Trust for London

This job has now expired
Church House, Great Smith Street, London
Fixed Term Part Time

Play your part in creating a fairer London by working with the Trust for London, a charity committed to tackling poverty and inequality in London. The Church Commissioners are currently looking to nominate a trustee.

The Trust has two core objects: The Central Fund aims to tackle poverty and inequality in London, and is secular in nature. The City Church Fund’s purposes are essentially religious and the monies are distributed among the City churches and the six London dioceses. The Church Commissioners seek to ensure the grant is consistent with the general aims of the Trust but also specific to the needs of the church in serving London.

The Trust recently launched its new Five Year Plan which prioritises Good Homes and Neighbourhoods, Better Work, Decent Living Standards, Shared Wealth, Pathways to Settlement, Stronger Voices and Connected Communities.

The nominee will assume the duties and responsibilities of a charitable trustee. This will mean:

  • Ensuring the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit, making sure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, and no other purpose.
  • Ensuring the charity is accountable, complying with statutory accounting and reporting requirements, demonstrating compliance with the law and demonstrating that the charity is well run and effective.
  • Ensuring the charity’s resources effectively, acting responsibly, reasonably and honestly.
  • Acting in the charity’s best interests.
  • Acting with reasonable care and skill, applying thought and energy to the role and demonstrating
  • Enthusiastic commitment to the fulfilment of the Trust’s goals, in this case showing clear desire to tackle poverty.
  • Anyone with an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception (such as fraud), anyone who is or entering into a formal arrangement (for example an individual voluntary arrangement) with a creditor or anyone removed as a company director or charity trustee because of wrongdoing will not be eligible.
  • Although this nomination is for a separate body, the Church Commissioners would apply the same standards they do when filling their own vacancies, including looking for evidence of their corporate values of Excellence, Respect and Integrity.

One of the Commissioners’ nominees has now reached her maximum term limit and we seek a committed, high calibre individual to replace her.

  • The Trust would like a senior lawyer, ideally with charity law and/or property law expertise, on its Board but would also welcome other skills.
  • We also hope to hear from applicants with lived experience of poverty and the type of work the Trust funds.
  • The appointment is expected to be for five years with the possibility of renewal, and is unremunerated but reasonable expenses are reimbursed.
  • We and the Trust are also keen to improve its diversity profile and would be pleased to hear from women, BAME and disabled candidates.

In the late 1800s two funds (the Central Fund and the City Church Fund) were created for the benefit of the poor of London and the Church of England in London. Together they made up the City Parochial Foundation. When it abolished the Greater London Council in 1986, the Government provided a £10 million endowment to the Foundation to be used to benefit Londoners. It established the Trust for London. In 2010, the Foundation and the Trust were amalgamated into one organisation to form the new Trust for London. The asset base of the Trust is £330 million and each year it distributes around £15 million