Oversight Minister

This job has now expired
St Germans
Office Holder

For the Benefices of
Maker with Rame, Millbrook, Saint John and Torpoint; St Germans with Antony and Sheviock

The Deanery of East Wivelshire has spent 6-8 months discerning a new approach for mission and ministry for the years ahead and the resulting plan is in the early stages of implementation. These two benefices are going through pastoral reorganisation to unite them as one and now the parishes need an Oversight Minister who will journey with them and to work with a House for Duty colleague to develop further the relationship between these parishes, creating a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

They will need to build further a team of lay and ordained ministers, to serve the parishes and ensure that the ministry of these parishes is truly parochial, reaching out to those for whom the church is currently absent or irrelevant.

Might you be the person to join us at this key time on the life of our deanery and we seek afresh to build the Kingdom of God here?

The nature of Oversight Ministry is the essential strategy in the delivery of this exciting Deanery plan, to achieve fruitfulness and sustainability. This is not simply a traditional parish priest role with a lot of churches. It will require prayerful and sensitive strategies to help parishes transition to a “new model” of ministry.

Oversight Ministry is not to be interpreted as “hands off” or “administrative management”. We are looking for individuals who genuinely embrace the opportunity to identify the gifts and talents in others and have the skills and ability to develop those gifts appropriately, enabling people to find their place in serving God. However, they will be equally visible through their own ministry.

We are looking for candidates who will relish working with colleagues within the Deanery Leadership Team and the current House for Duty to develop a culture of collaboration and respect. In particular, to focus on working with teams of ordained and lay ministers to ensure that the ministry of the proposed new benefice is truly parochial, reaching out to those for whom the church is currently absent or irrelevant.

The successful candidate must be committed to following the vision and supporting discipleship enabling us to:

  • Present the Gospel in a way that brings people to faith,
  • Develops faith and helps people to grow in their discipleship,
  • Identify, support and encourage mature and fruitful leaders.

When the pastoral reorganisation and current recruitment processes are complete, our team will comprise:

  • The Rural Dean & Strategic Lead
  • 3 Oversight Ministers
  • 3 Schools Chaplains
  • 1 Pioneer Minister (part time)
  • 1 House for Duty Priest

In addition we currently have:

  • 1 Curate
  • 15 Clergy with Permission to Officiate
  • 15 LLM/Readers
  • 1 Ordinand
  • 1 Children and Families worker (in Callington)
  • Approximately 60 commissioned Local Worship Leaders and Local Pastoral Ministers

We also have practical project management support skills in the diocese from the Change and Renewal Team who lead on Change and Renewal across the diocese. This post will bring together the theological and cultural change required at a clerical and lay level alongside the work of implementation from the Change and Renewal Team.

Closing date: 5pm Friday 9th June
Orientation day and interviews: 28th and 29th June.

For an informal chat about the deanery email the Archdeacon of Bodmin, The Ven Kelly Betteridge: archdeacons@truro.anglican.org