Dean of York

This job has now expired

The Cathedral Church of St Peter in York is the seat of the Archbishop of York. As well as being Cathedral to the Diocese of York and the Metropolitical Church of the Province, it stands at the heart of the City of York.

We are seeking a Dean of York who will lead the Minster in the next stages of its mission and ministry of sharing the message of transforming life in Jesus Christ.

Stepping into a deep history of Christian worship and service, the ministry is one of building upon much that has gone before — bringing the love of God to the Minster, to those who worship and work within its precincts and sharing the love of God with others, creating connections and partnerships across the City and Diocese.

The panel have identified the following challenges of the role:

  • playing an active role, across the Diocese of York and the Northern Province of the Church of England supporting the work of the Archbishop, sharing skills and knowledge and working with communities and partners to further the mission of Jesus Christ;
  • inspiring people, through the story of Jesus Christ, through worship, prayer and music and through its heritage and history, onto a journey of personal and corporate transformation in Christ;
  • engaging all of its communities in a participative and consultative way;
  • placing learning and the transformation of those who worship, work and serve here and of others at the heart of all mission and ministry; and
  • managing its business life in accordance with its mission and values in order to cover costs, generate funding necessary to further mission and to sustain its mission and ministry;

Candidates are encouraged to read the briefing pack and guidance notes before submitting their application. The closing date for applications is Sunday 16 September 2018. Please be aware that applications need to be submitted before midnight on this date.

The main responsibilities of the role

  • As dean and senior priest in the diocese, to share with the Archbishop and other senior colleagues in the oversight of the Church’s mission, and to be a member ex officio of the Archbishop’s Council, Leadership team and the Diocesan Synod;
  • As Dean of the Cathedral Church of the Metropolitan See to facilitate the Archbishop’s oversight of the Northern Province;
  • As head of the Cathedral Foundation and its principal dignitary after the Archbishop, to chair the cathedral Chapter, with it to lead the life and work of the cathedral, and to take emergency decisions on behalf of the chapter when circumstances require;
  • As a representative of the Church in public life in the city, diocese (county, region and nation), to grow partnerships with faith and secular institutions, and to contribute to their intellectual, social and theological capital;
  • To preside over the College of Canons, to attend the Cathedral Council and other statutory bodies, and as chair of chapter, to ensure sound governance across the cathedral;
  • To exercise leadership in the cathedral’s liturgy, preaching and pastoral care, to develop team working in its ministry, and to be personally committed to its pattern of daily prayer;
  • To lead the cathedral in its mission and outreach, including the presentation and interpretation of its heritage;
  • With the chapter, to have oversight of the cathedral’s development and to lead in securing funds for its long-term future, ensuring that the cathedral’s operations are properly managed, including staff, finance, compliance and the care of the fabric;
  • To ensure that the constitution and statutes are faithfully observed.
  • To exercise responsibility for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, the provision of pastoral care of survivors, and creating a culture in which all will flourish, and which is consistent with the safeguarding policies of the Church of England.

Person Specification

Spiritual Life

  • Nourished by corporate and cathedral worship and willing to explore more contemporary expressions
  • A personal resilience through faith in God and confidence in Jesus Christ


  • An engaging and credible theologian and teacher who demonstrates continuing theological learning and exploration consistent with the Church's teaching and discipline

Vision for mission and delivery

  • Brings a creative and engaging vision for the transforming message of Jesus Christ,
  • Committed to building onto existing mission and ministry plans, with creative ideas as to how these might be developed
  • Has a vision for mission which reaches out beyond the precinct to city, diocese and province

Transforming Community

  • An experienced leader in the wider community who has experience of developing effective and community transforming partnerships with organisations outside the Church

Formation of others

  • Committed to creating a learning culture which encourages individuals to flourish and communities to grow

Leadership and working with others

  • An experienced leader of Christian communities who will lead a professional management team with wisdom and insight
  • A deep understanding of organisational dynamics and complexity and experience of leadership of change in such an environment
  • A caring and compassionate leader with community building, hospitality and welcome at the heart of their ministry
  • Enjoys working within teams as well as leading them

Management of Resources

  • Experience of school governance
  • Experience of the oversight of a business and commercial operation


  • Understand the particular safeguarding challenges within Cathedral ministry
  • Experienced in promoting the importance of safeguarding to others and in the management of safeguarding issues


  • Significant cathedral experience

About York Minster

For centuries, York Minster has been at the heart of religious and political history for the North. Constantine was proclaimed Roman Emperor here; Edwin, first Bretwalda of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy according to Bede, was baptised nearby in 627, with the first Anglo-Saxon church on the site being built immediately afterwards. The current Minster stands on Roman foundations, and sits within an 8-acre precinct, the majority of which is a designated scheduled ancient monument. The walls of the Minster echo with the prayers of long-gone voices, and it is this presence of continued prayer which gives Chapter the foundations on which to nurture and grow the living community sustained here today.