Dean of Newcastle

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The Deanery, 26 Mitchell Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
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Deans' Stipend

From The Right Reverend Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Newcastle

We begin this process of appointing the next Dean of Newcastle at a time of great opportunity both in the life of the Cathedral and the wider Diocese.

The completion of the ‘Common Ground in Sacred Space’ heritage project has been a watershed moment. The project has transformed the Cathedral space into ‘a dynamic hub for worship, community and business activity', expressing the Cathedral’s core values of ‘Radical Welcome’, ‘Inspiring Worship’, and ‘Empowering Worth’.

I am looking to appoint a Dean who can help the Cathedral grow as a prayerful, missional and confident Christian community and to strengthen its identity both within the City of Newcastle and in and with the wider Diocese of Newcastle.

I am looking for a Dean with a proven track record of prayerful listening, clear team-focused and Christ-centred leadership, and a commitment to fostering healthy and flourishing relationships, enabling confidence in believing and belonging. While the Cathedral project has enabled a sense of sacred space as common ground, there is now a need to make that common ground sacred space again. I am looking for a Dean who is confident in their own faith, an accomplished and creative communicator of the Gospel, and who can evidence capacity to lead through change.

The next Dean of Newcastle will be joining the Cathedral at a very exciting
time in its life. Following the very successful National Lottery Heritage Fund
project, the Cathedral building itself has been imaginatively and beautifully
re-ordered so that it now offers a flexible space in which to develop worship
as well as offering countless opportunities for special social and educational
events, reaching out to people of all ages and from very diverse

Newcastle Cathedral has the particular challenge of being a relatively small
Cathedral in a vibrant city with complex needs, while reaching out to deeply
rural areas which also face many challenges. There is a huge opportunity
(particularly following the pandemic) for the Cathedral to reconnect with the
wider Diocese. A commitment to working closely with the new Bishop and
her staff will be absolutely vital in order to achieve this re-connection and to
enable the Cathedral to become an important resource to the whole Diocese.

These will include:

  • Bringing a Christ-centred, visible, unifying, prayerful leadership, vision and purpose.
  • Rebuilding healthy and flourishing relationships within the Cathedral community.
  • Ensuring that the Cathedral, its leadership, work and mission are fully integrated into all aspects of Diocesan life, finding the right balance between “sacred space” and “common ground”, supporting the Bishopin mission and working in partnership in proclaiming the Gospel within a mixed ecology of church.
  • Growing the Cathedral congregations and communities to become younger and more diverse. Encouraging and nurturing all to become more confident Christians.
  • Developing strategies to address the financial situation, and to sustain the rich heritage and fabric of the Cathedral through careful and constant stewardship, particularly recognising the Church’s commitment to Carbon Net Zero and other challenges.
  • Building, expanding and diversifying the existing platform of relationships and partnerships including ecumenical and interfaith, turning the Cathedral into a powerhouse of mission, making sure it is a force for good in the City and Diocese.
  • Building on the work started in implementing the Cathedrals Measure, striving to ensure that sound governance and accountability are in place.
  • An experienced, confident leader and pastor who is emotionally intelligent, visible, communicative, unifying, empowering and encouraging. A calm, courageous leader who is collaborative, decisive and unafraid to challenge.
  • Experience of leading, developing, motivating and empowering teams. Someone who is strategic, resilient and looks to the long-term with the ability to instil and inspire a strong sense of momentum and purpose when managing and embedding change.
  • A gifted preacher and teacher in mission who is committed to prayer, to inspiring people as confident missionary disciples and growing the church younger and more diverse.
  • An innovative and creative leader in mission with the ability to navigate and balance the spiritual with the commercial.
  • Has a heart for inclusive, accessible and creative worship whilst also affirming the Anglican choral tradition as the centre of the Cathedral’s liturgical life.
  • Gifted in developing partnerships, someone at ease in the public square, passionate about social justice and able to break down barriers. Who understands and can maximise the Cathedral’s convening power, who loves community engagement, ecumenical and interfaith working and is able to move seamlessly between intersecting worlds and relationships.
  • Understands the need for good governance and risk management. Strong financial and commercial awareness.

Newcastle Diocese covers 2,000 square miles, stretching from the Tyne Valley to the Scottish Borders. With a distinctive combination of rural, coastal, market towns, suburban and city centre, it is home to a population of 824,000 (2019). Newcastle is the regional city, but those at the periphery often look north to Edinburgh or west to Carlisle.

Newcastle itself is a vibrant and lively city, renowned for its culture, with the largest population in the North East.

St Nicholas Parish Church was elevated to Cathedral status by Royal Charter on 25 July 1882, the same day that Newcastle Upon Tyne became a city and just after the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle was created on 23 May 1882. The Cathedral has only begun to outwardly refer to itself more consistently as Newcastle Cathedral since 2018.

The Diocese of Newcastle has developed a vision for growing church bringing hope as part of a response to the challenges faced by the church in rural, urban and suburban settings, from the following three values:

  • Open to God’s transforming love.
  • Generous with God’s transforming gifts.
  • Engaged in God’s transforming work in the world