Senior Project Manager

This job has now expired
£35,000 to £40,000

Change is never easy and changing one of the countries oldest and most established institutions presents a particular challenge. Yet the Diocese of Liverpool recognises that if we are to be a bigger church making a bigger difference we need a programme of organisational change.

We have that programme funded by the Church Commissioners. We have a name Fit for Mission which encapsulates our vision of enabling the local church to decide how they grow. We have a plan, pilot groups of enthusiastic church members and leaders and a determination to succeed.

We now need someone to make it happen!

We are looking for a person who can bring excellent organisational change management skills and match it with a sensitivity to understand the particular needs of the church. We are looking for someone who can deliver appropriate timescales and milestones. You will be able to plan well, communicate effectively and change tack appropriately as conditions alter. You will measure what is being achieved using that analytical data to inform future progress.

Fit for Mission is a pioneering programme of change from the inside out. Through it we aim to remove the blocks that prevent the local church from growing creating a confident vibrant church community across our diocese. You can find out more by watching this short video and visiting

Key responsibilities include:

You will be key to the success of the programme by managing key programme elements as well as project management aspects across the whole programme.

Some tasks included in your role are:

Line Management

You will line manage some staff within the Fit for Mission team including staff working on communications, measurement, general admin and finance. There may be flexibility to oversee change related to other areas, including buildings and support services, depending on your background.

Planning and coordination

You will liaise regularly with the change facilitators of each deanery team about the next steps they should be taking. So you will need to have a good handle on the programme planning which you will develop as we progress. In this way you will ensure good coordination across the programme and especially with the deanery and diocesan teams. Keeping momentum is a key outcome of this role.

Scoping and documenting

You will develop, and support other team members to write, clear project documentation (project narratives, role descriptions, tracking and reporting documentation etc) so that all stakeholders are well informed and delivery takes place in an orderly manner.


You will ensure that our measurement framework reflects the goals of the programme (lead and lag), and ensure that measurement data is gathered and reported.

Stakeholder Reporting

You’ll ensure that programme reports are available as required (monthly, quarterly and yearly) for both internal and external stakeholders.


You’ll represent the programme to stakeholders as required, particularly to those deaneries who are in future cohorts. You will also oversee the communication strategy and manage comms staff.


You will be part of the programme management team and support the board.


As well as ensuring cross-fertilisation of ideas and learning between deaneries, you will ensure cumulative learning is developed / documented.

You will work closely with the whole Fit for Mission team who are based both in deaneries and at the diocesan office.

The post holder will undertake other relevant duties as may be requested from time to time and commensurate with the role.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a passionate, energetic project manager who will relish this challenge and want to work with a variety of people to bring about the change. You will need a track record of delivery and of enabling those around you to hit key deadlines and project milestones.

Working closely with the Diocesan Programme Manager, you will bring your experience, creativity and fresh perspectives to offer a fresh dynamism to the teams you engage with. You will need to grasp the big picture while keeping the detailed work on the right track.

You’ll be someone who

  • solves problems
  • does what they say they will do
  • is emotionally intelligent and self-aware
  • is able to make strong relationships
  • looks for the best team results
  • has a test and learn mentality
  • is process driven but not a slave to it
  • wants things to happen now, not in 6 months
  • is obsessed with prioritisation and outcomes
  • is willing to challenge the status quo
  • is resilient and enjoys making work fun

About Fit for Mission

Fit for Mission is a pioneering programme of change from the inside out.

The goal of Fit for Mission is to enable all parishes, church plants, fresh expressions, schools and chaplaincies to fulfil God’s mission and to make new disciples where they are.

We are asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference, so more people know Jesus and there is more justice in the world.

Fit for Mission focuses on 4 mission priorities which are foundational to this vision:

  • Introducing people to Jesus
  • Deepening discipleship
  • Developing Christian leaders
  • Working for justice

The Fit for Mission programme will provide focus and support to work together to face the significant issues that hold back mission and growth. We aim to address:

  • Declining church attendance
  • A lack of diversity
  • An increasing admin burden
  • Unsuitable and unsustainable buildings

“Fit for Mission is about courageously addressing the issues that prevent us in mission, and truly releasing people to their God given calling for the sake of the gospel and of Christ’s Church.” Bishop Beverley

Fit for Mission will support each deanery in the Diocese of Liverpool to create their own future. There are five elements to this, and for each of them the programme will make available help and specialist resource:

  1. A focus on developing our discipleship culture through training and support, including delivering ‘Cultivate’, a successful lay development programme which results in new worshipping communities and justice initiatives planted and existing ones revitalised.
  2. Creating missional leadership teams of lay and ordained people over larger areas with responsibility for specific mission and worship communities.
  3. Developing high quality support and accountability structures for all leaders.
  4. Making sure buildings are fit for purpose, with buildings expertise available to assist in making good decisions on use, investment, or closure.
  5. Work towards each deanery having one or two larger Parishes. Each larger Parish to have high quality support services, resulting in simpler administration, less bureaucracy and more mission.

For more information on Fit for Mission go to

About the Diocese of Liverpool

The Diocese of Liverpool is the Church of England in a corner of the North West.

Church communities are located from Southport to Widnes; Wigan to Warrington and throughout the city of Liverpool all working to fulfil our vision of asking God for a bigger church making a bigger difference with more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world.

The Diocesan offices provide essential support services to our parishes with specialist staff offering care and expert support in a variety of ways. We love what we do and we share our values of dynamism, respect, collaboration and professionalism.

The Diocese of Liverpool has a reputation for being a creative organisation securing national church backing for a range of innovative projects.

We are serious about the work life balance of our staff offering generous holiday and pension allowances and access to an Employee Assistance Programme. Diocesan staff have a strong working relationship with Liverpool Cathedral and our offices sit next door to this magnificent iconic building.

Liverpool Diocese is committed to treating our whole community with dignity and respect. We desire to represent diverse identities within our community whether this be by race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or social background of each person to ensure they fulfil their potential within a proactive, loving and caring environment.

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