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Worthing, West Sussex
Office Holder

We offer:

- a welcoming church family with a keenness to grow in depth and number

- a musical tradition in St Andrew's, and a desire to develop the range of worship offered

- a Children and Youth worker developing links with local schools

- positive attitude for the future and to address challenges

- Clergy and lay colleagues who want to work collaboratively in the Deanery

Our prayers are for our new Priest to be someone who:

- will nurture and strengthen us in our discipleship, deepening our knowledge and love of God through Scripture, prayer and worship

- is able to work pastorally and inclusively with all ages, individuals and families

- will be a gifted leader of our Benefice, delighting in the charisms and traditions of each parish

- is financially aware and has confidence to take strategic decisions

- will get to know and develop collaborative relationships in the local community

You will have the prayerful support and friendship of our Churchwardens, PCC and congregation as well as paid members of staff.

If you fee this position may be for you, please take a look at our profile and websites.

The Benefice of Maybridge and West Tarring - formed in September 2019 - is part of the Deanery of Worthing, in the Diocese of Chichester.

St Richard's Church, Maybridge, is only 56 years old and is of a contemporary style. Within the church grounds is a frequently used church hall, which is the original place for worship. The church is located at the heart of Maybridge, which falls within the lowest 20% nationally for overall deprivation and in the lowest 10% for health.

Situated 1.4 miles away is St Andrew's Church, Tarring: a Grade II listed building, built in the 13th Century on the site of an earlier building. The church is set within a churchyard, which houses war graves. St Andrew's church sits in the centre of Tarring Village and is above average for deprivation.