Audit Committee Member

This job has now expired
The Corporation of the Church House, Great Smith Street, London
Travelling Expenses only

The Corporation of the Church House is a registered charity that owns and manages the building of Church House in Westminster. The charity exists to support the Church of England by providing it with a home in the shape of offices and meeting spaces as well as through the giving of annual grant.

Church House is a 7 storey Grade II listed building with several commercial tenants, private flats and a wholly owned award-winning conference centre (trading subsidiary).

We are looking for someone to join our Audit Committee team currently made up of our Chair and two other Audit Committee members.

  • Salary/Stipend: Travelling Expenses only
  • Contract type: Contract for services
  • Part time – initial 5 year fixed contract

The Audit Committee is an independent committee reporting to the Council (board of trustees) of the Corporation of the Church House. The remit of the Audit Committee includes Church House Conference Centre which is a subsidiary of the Corporation.

The Council are responsible for setting the values, strategic direction, and policies of the Corporation of the Church House.

The Committee has an independent Chair and at least two other members. The committee also has the Treasurer of the Corporation of the Church House as an attendee.

The Committee supports the Council in meeting its responsibilities to ensure an effective system of internal control and to meet its external financial reporting obligations, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is directly responsible for agreeing on behalf of the Council for the selection, oversight, and remuneration of the external auditors.

The Committee recommends the external auditors to the Council, reviews the external audit and reviews the annual accounts prior to submission to the Council. The Committee is also responsible for the review of the risk management report and the risk management framework.

  • Oversee the process implemented by management to produce the Annual Report and Accounts.
  • Review the integrity of the Annual Accounts, including consideration of whether they provide a true and fair view of the Corporations/conference centre accounts, meet the legal requirements and take account of best practice.
  • Review key accounting policies
  • Recommend the appointment and assess the performance of the external auditors.
  • Keep under review the effectiveness of the Corporation’s risk management process
  • Keep under review the effectiveness of the Corporation’s internal control systems.
  • Review and approve the annual internal audit plan
  • Consider the external audit and make recommendations to the Council members, to be put to members for approval at the AGM.
  • Oversee the selection process for new auditors
  • Oversee the relationship with the external auditors
  • Review and monitor the external auditors and discuss any major issues which arise
  • Meet the auditors at least once a year in the absence of management to discuss their remit and any issues arising from the audit and the management’s response to the auditor’s findings and recommendations
  • Review the external auditors independence and objectivity
  • Review the arrangements for employees and volunteers to raise concerns in confidence and consider whether the arrangements allow proportionate and independent investigation of possible wrongdoing and appropriate follow-up action
  • Make available to the Council the minutes of the Audit Committee meetings
  • Evaluate the committee’s own performance on a regular basis and provide for ongoing induction, training and support needs
  • Attending audit committees meetings as required but attending two meetings a year at Church House Westminster, including advising when necessary

We are looking for someone who has experience in financial management and risk management and has an excellent working knowledge of audit committee practices. Some knowledge of property management or hospitality would be useful but not essential.

Commercially astute, we are looking for someone who has sound business judgement and the ability to challenge and constructively criticise.

Ideally the person will have good diplomatic, communication and interpersonal skills.

The candidate needs to be in good standing with their Church.