Chaplain to the General Synod

This job has now expired
Remote working but required to be present at physical meetings of the General Synod.
This is an unpaid, honorary position with necessary expenses.

Our aim is for everyone in the National Church Institutions (NCIs) to feel that they belong, and are valued for who they are and what they contribute. Together, our people contribute in different ways towards our common purpose, whichever NCI they work in and whatever their background.

The General Synod considers and approves legislation affecting the whole of the Church of England, authorizes new forms of worship, debates matters of national and international importance, and approves the annual budget for the work of the Church at national level. Worship and prayer at General Synod are integral to its activities, distinguishing this body from its secular counterparts.

The Archbishops in their roles as joint Presidents of the General Synod are responsible for Synod worship, delivered via a Chaplain who works with both Synod members and volunteers to carry out this work. As the legislative body of the Established Church of England, the worship which takes place at General Synod is intended to be closely integrated with and supportive of the formal business being conducted at each Group of Sessions, as well as representative of the wide range of traditions within the Church.

As Chaplain to the General Synod, you will be a non-Synod member who will support the spiritual life of the Synod at its meetings.

You will plan, produce and oversee the delivery of all elements of worship at General Synod, including daily formal worship in the Synod chamber, daily services of Holy Communion, the Continuous Praying Presence and any other services/acts of worship at Synod or in the margins.

Since September 2020, the Synod has the option of meeting remotely under the Remote Meetings Measure. At such meetings you will provide broadcast and other worship materials to support the spiritual life of Synod.

This post carries an occupational requirement to be Ordained Communicant Anglican priest, in good standing in the Church of England (in accordance with the Equality Act 2010).

An enhanced DBS check will be required.

This is a pro bono post. Accommodation will be provided if required, for York and London Synods together with reasonable travel expenses.

The post is offered for the rest of the General Synod quinquennium until July 2026, subject to a probationary period of two groups of Synod sessions.

For an informal conversation, please contact

Interviews will be held w/c 13th February 2023.

The Role

Ensuring that worship at each Group of Sessions of Synod enriches members' experience and brings the service of Christ to the detail of church business, while encouraging a dependency of faith and trust. This will require the imaginative inclusion of a broad range of worship traditions. In practical terms this involves:

  • Consultation with the Secretary to the Liturgical Commission and the Archbishops' Chaplains to determine priorities for worship at each Group of Sessions, paying attention to the published timetable of business.
  • Planning, organising and overseeing the delivery of the formal worship at Synod groups of sessions, including leading some acts of worship, and choosing a diverse range of people to lead other acts of worship.
  • Coordinating a small group of volunteers comprising Synod members and others who are responsible for assisting the Synod Chaplain in the delivery of all aspects of Synod worship, including a rota for the daily Eucharist in both London and York.
  • Ensuring that all aspects of Synod worship support the work of the General Synod, including referring as appropriate to the business under discussion and providing opportunities for prayer and reflection on it for Synod members and others.
  • Ensuring timely delivery to the Secretary of the Liturgical Commission of texts and music for Synod worship.
  • Producing PowerPoint slides to the required technical specifications for use during Synod and working with the AV team on any other technical requirements.
  • Finalising with Synod support team the practical arrangements, AV requirements, and other details within the specified deadline prior to the start of a group of sessions.
  • Overall responsibility during Synod meetings for the delivery of the 'paperless worship' arrangements, including operating the slide presentation or arranging for the delivery of the presentation by an appropriately-qualified person in conjunction with the Synod AV team and Synod support staff.
  • Organising and (where appropriate) participating in the Continuous Praying Presence at each Group of Sessions, including choosing volunteers to participate in this, putting together a rota for participation and providing suitable prayers and other material where necessary.
  • Establishing and co-ordinating a Synod chaplaincy team to provide pastoral support to Synod members and visitors during Synod sessions.
  • Providing a short report to the Archbishops' Chaplains and the General Synod Business Committee after a Synod on how the worship was received, and suggesting any areas of development or ideas for the future.

Time commitment:

You will be available to attend General Synod groups of sessions in London and York, including arriving early where necessary to organise worship arrangements. Time commitment to include up to 4 days in London in February and 5-6 days in York, arriving 1 day in advance of the start of the York group of sessions. On occasion there may be an additional Synod for 3 days in November outside inaugural sessions.

You will attend up to four 4-hour meetings of the Business Committee in March, May, September and December with preparation time as necessary, between these meetings.

Total: up to 20 days a year in attendance plus preparation time.

The requirements



  • Excellent familiarity and sympathy with a variety of styles of Anglican liturgy, worship and music Experience of adapting worship for different contexts, including large-scale public events.
  • Proven ability to lead and inspire a small team of volunteers.
  • IT skills, sufficient to design and produce worship materials.
  • Ability in working to tight deadlines and with excellent attention to detail.
  • Production skills for delivery of AV worship materials.


  • Qualified to degree level or equivalent in theology.

Personal Attributes:

  • Commitment to discern the things of God amidst the business of mortals.
  • Ability to motivate volunteers.
  • Ability to work with a variety of different people and skill sets, including lay and ordained, staff and volunteers as well as with very senior people.
  • Ability to observe appropriate professional neutrality with regards to the matters under discussion at Synod.


  • Willingness to travel to Synod groups of sessions and other meetings.
  • Ability to work remotely to produce materials in consultation with the Secretary of the Liturgical Commission.
  • This post carries an occupational requirement to be Ordained Communicant Anglican priest, in good standing in the Church of England (in accordance with the Equality Act 2010).



  • Ability to play one or more musical instrument and/or competent singing ability.


  • Experience of musical leadership of a large assembly of people either instrumentally or vocally.

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