Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley

This job has now expired
Bromley and Bexley
Office Holder

We are seeking a new Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley following the retirement of the previous Archdeacon, this represents an exciting opportunity for both the successful applicant and the Diocese.

The new Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley will begin this post at a kairos moment. As the nation slowly emerges from a pandemic that has hurt so many through bereavement, illness and lost employment and which is re-shaping much of how we think about the world, we endure the realities of war in Europe and we face a cost of living crisis, the Church is also at a key moment in its life. There is pastoral work with those who have endured loss, community engagement where care for other people needs to be organised, and evangelism to do as we both listen to others and share with them the hope we have in Christ.

The Diocese of Rochester has reviewed its Called Together strategy in the light of all this and has established five priorities, based on the five marks of mission, to guide next steps. These Called Together priorities are:

  • Enabling each church to be mission minded.
  • Helping children, young people and adults live out everyday faith in Jesus.
  • Supporting loving service in local communities.
  • Speaking and responding to the prophetic voice of justice and peace.
  • Protecting creation’s life for future generations.

We are looking for someone who will:

  • Be rooted in a life of prayer and study of the scriptures.
  • Think inventively, having the gift of leading and enabling churches in mission in a mixed ecology.
  • Encourage and inspire the people of God to live out the Gospel in everyday life.
  • Understand the nature and rhythm of urban ministry, given the setting of the Archdeaconry.
  • Show loving concern and pastoral sensitivity to those in their care.
  • Have a mature and intuitive faith that understands challenges and is unafraid in the midst of them.
  • Truly get the meaning of collaborative ministry.
  • Help our churches and Diocese to address the challenges of racial injustice and to reflect more fully the diversity of our communities.

The wider a group’s diversity, the smarter, wiser, more compassionate and creative its decision making becomes. We are committed to achieving diversity at Leadership level and throughout our Diocese by seeking UKME/GMH colleagues and those from a wide-range of backgrounds, to help us create a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Thank you for your interest in this post.

Further information on the diocese can be found in the information pack attached or at::

For enquiries, please contact Bishopscourt, 01634 842721
Closing date: 17 October 2022
Interviews: 10 November 2022