Rector of Alveley and Quatt

This job has now expired
Alveley and Quatt
Office Holder

We have a vacancy for a Rector of the parishes of St Mary the Virgin, Alveley and St Andrew, Quatt, in the Deanery of Bridgnorth and the Diocese of Hereford. We have been fortunate to have had only two incumbents in the past 25 years. Our recent Rector returned to chaplaincy work, and the previous incumbent moved to a parish near Hereford after many years in Alveley and Quatt. We are looking for an enthusiastic person to take us forward in our walks of faith and mission.

For an informal conversation contact the Archdeacon of Ludlow, The Ven Fiona Gibson

Closing date 14th September. Visits to parishes 26th September. Interviews 27th September

We look to appoint a Spirit-filled leader to help us to build up our commitment to our faith and our fellowship, to be a support to each other, to encourage the community and, through sharing the Gospel and our actions, to bring people to Christ.

We wish to build on the heritage of our churches, through both traditional and contemporary services, and to people of all ages.

We wish to be aspirational, but we realise we must prioritise and be realistic with our expectations.

Nevertheless, we hold to the promise that nothing is impossible with God, and we prayerfully look towards revival in our villages.

Preaching, teaching, and leading of services.

Leadership of the PCCs.

Nurture and development of the gifts of lay people in formal and informal lay ministry roles, and in everyday discipleship.

Leading in developing the mission of the churches, especially to families, children, and young people, possibly including developing new services and other activities.

Being involved as appropriate with the local school.

Encouraging corporate prayer within the churches.

Leading collaboration with other churches in the Bridgnorth Deanery, potentially particularly with regard to youth work.

Leading on pastoral care and support.

Someone with a deep personal faith, filled with the Holy Spirit, prayerful and open to the Spirit's leading.

A spiritual leader who teaches God's word confidently, who preaches in a context that is relevant to where people are in today's society and inspires us to new and wider views of our Christian faith.

Comfortable with both traditional and contemporary forms of services and worship and relates well to all age groups.

Keen to support families, children and youth, and help us address how ministry to these groups might be developed.

A good communicator.

Someone who has enthusiasm, driven by their faith.

An encourager, who has wisdom in identifying our talents, and can develop, nurture, and empower us in roles within our churches.

A team leader, who can identify, train, develop, and lead a Local Ministry Team, but also help us to share the gospel.

A good manager: someone who listens and discerns, but is not afraid to challenge and be challenged, and can help us prioritise what we can develop within our resources.

Accessible, by being around the villages, and also approachable and compassionate, with a heart for pastoral ministry.