Vicar - Benefice of Emmer Green and Caversham Park

This job has now expired
Emmer Green
Office Holder

We are looking for someone who’s ready to combine a traditional incumbency with a pioneering spirit as we explore together ways of being church the Benefice of Emmer Green and Caversham Park.

We are the most northerly parishes in the Reading Deanery. We border Oxfordshire countryside and benefit from good transport services into Reading and its mainline rail links to London, Oxford and the West Country.

These are exciting times for us. Following a long incumbency, we are looking to where we should go in the future. One of our parishes, Caversham Park, was part of a long standing LEP in Caversham Park until 2020. This partnership came to an end and has led us to proposals to bring together the two parishes (Emmer Green and Caversham Park) which will present us with many missional opportunities and challenges.

We are looking for a vicar who can see the potential in our community and help us to develop that potential. Is this you? Could you build on all that is good in our existing church, and lead us to establish a stronger presence outside the church?

In all directions there are prospects for mission: the secondary school, the primary schools, the care homes, the new housing developments. Some of us may be hesitant about change but we feel change will invigorate the congregation and with the support of the PCC we are jointly faced with an opportunity that may never occur again.

We are seeking God’s will and are open to commit ourselves to work together to identify and forge a new direction for the new parish. Would you like to accept that challenge?

Closing Date: 11th September 2022

Interview Date: 3rd October 2022

Enhanced DBS disclosure required


  1. To exercise the cure of souls shared with the bishop in this benefice in collaboration with colleagues, including the praying of the Daily Office, the administration of the sacraments and preaching
  2. To have regard to the calling and responsibilities of the clergy (as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy) and other relevant legislation including:
  • bringing the grace and truth of Christ to this generation and making him known to those in your care
  • instructing the parishioners in the Christian faith
  • preparing candidates for baptism and confirmation
  • diligently visiting the parishioners of the benefice, particularly those who are sick and infirm
  • providing spiritual counsel and advice
  • consulting with the Parochial Church Council on matters of general concern and importance to the benefice
  • bringing the needs of the world before God in intercession
  • calling your hearers to repentance and declaring in Christ's name the absolution and forgiveness of their sins
  • blessing people in God’s name
  • preparing people for their death
  • discerning and fostering the gifts of all God’s people
  • being faithful in prayer, expectant and watchful for the signs of God’s presence, as he reveals his kingdom among us

Key responsibilities specific to the local situation:

  • You will promote a deeper understanding of the Gospel message.
  • You will develop discipleship within and beyond St Barnabas Church.
  • You will build on the existing church activities to develop worship that is inclusive of others and in particular children and young people.
  • You will pioneer presence and activities in Caversham Park and the new housing developments.
  • You will encourage us to be outward looking and help us to connect with our local communities including schools and care homes.
  • You will help us develop outreach amongst families, children and young people especially mindful of our need to support young people impacted by knife crime.
  • You will collaborate with the ministry team and encourage the laity to play a full and active part in church life.
  • You will lead a renewed appreciation of the need for generous giving.

We are looking for a vicar with a pioneering outlook who will work with us and encourage us to grow as one Church especially in Caversham Park. We are looking for someone who will inspire us; a person who is not afraid of challenge and who has creative ideas; someone who looks forward to building relationships, working with partner churches.

Someone who

  • Inspires us with their love of God.
  • Is understanding of widely held views in society and enabling people to respond in a loving Christian way.
  • Has the strength and surety in their faith to be welcoming and comfortable with, and accepting of, different traditions of churchmanship.
  • Respects different traditions of Bible teaching.

Someone who is committed to

  • Promoting a deeper understanding of the Gospel message, developing discipleship through a range of activities; and participating in and leading a wide variety of church services, and developing new styles of worship; making people of different traditions feel welcome when they worship together.
  • Being a good pastor and communicator.
  • Developing a church presence in new housing developments, and in areas where the Church of England does not have a strong presence.
  • Mission through being rooted in the church but outward-looking, reaching out and connecting with the local community, including care homes and local schools, particularly non-faith schools; and supporting charitable work abroad as well as locally.
  • Participating in, facilitating, and developing work with families, children and young people, as well as ministry to the more elderly in church and at home.
  • Developing and enabling all the other people of God in their ministry and vocation, including in areas of worship leading, pastoral care and mission.
  • Collaborating with other Anglican parishes and clergy in Caversham, and other members of Churches Together in Caversham.