Minister - Cliff Park Community Church (Anglican-Baptist LEP)

This job has now expired
Office Holder

These are exciting and important times! For you as a minister, as you look for God’s purpose and place for you. And for us as a fellowship, as we seek the right person to lead our church forwards.

We are both searching for God’s will over our futures, and we pray God will be working in your heart just as He is working in ours. We pray He will grant both of us discernment as to whether Cliff Park Community Church (CPCC) is the right move for you, and that, whatever the outcome, we will all be at peace over the final decision.

Your responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Leading CPCC forward, renewing, reshaping and re-energising the mission and ministry of our church in fresh ways, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipling members of the fellowship
  • Overseeing the Leadership Team
  • Line-managing the church administrator
  • Planning the preaching series
  • Overseeing the worship leaders and attending their review meetings
  • Leading or overseeing the Alpha, Grow and Membership courses (as needed)
  • Overseeing house-groups
  • Overseeing the pastoral care team
  • Running or overseeing ad-hoc meetings and services as necessary (including Christmas services at local school(s) if invited)
  • Co-leading the prayer ministry team
  • Attending the monthly ministers’ prayer breakfast
  • Attending Deanery/Diocesan meetings.

We are seeking someone who has:

  • A sound, personal walk with Jesus, rooted in prayer
  • An evangelical approach to a bible-based, gospel-centred, teaching ministry
  • A strong conviction that the Holy Spirit is active today, working in and through us all
  • An ability to work alongside different styles of Spirit-led and inspired worship, and is excited to see them in action
  • A desire to encourage and share in ‘all member’ ministry, with a passion for seeing gifts used in the service of God
  • A willingness and ability to lead but also to work alongside the Leadership Team
  • A belief in discipleship to develop Christian maturity
  • A longing to reach out to the community and a vision for working in the community.

In the early 1950s both St. Andrew's Parish Church, Gorleston, and Gorleston Baptist Church set their sights on working in the Cliff Park area, with St. Andrew's experimenting with a Sunday School in the South Gorleston area. They later established a permanent presence in the area with a curate's house on the Cliff Park estate.

In January 1997, the Reverend Paddy McGlinchey (St. Andrew's Assistant Minister) heard Gorleston Baptist Church was planning to hold a service at Cliff Park Middle School, and spoke with the Baptist Minister, the Reverend Richard Hughes, to see whether they could work together in this venture. From this meeting, the thought that the two churches could plant a new church was born. The project had the blessing of both churches and CPCC began life on December 12th 1999.