Giving and Generosity Officer

This job has now expired
£23780 - £27780

We are looking for an individual with a passion for generosity and fundraising. This role has been funded through the National giving advisors fund for 3 years and 8 months. The successful applicant will be part of a small team looking to implement strategic support and assist Parishes with income generations external funding, stewardship campaigns and the implementation of financial systems.

As a Giving and Generosity Officer you will be centrally employed but locally deployed which means you will need to have a personable and hands on approach. With a working knowledge of the culture and structure of the Church of England. They must have the ability to promote and communicate ideas to encourage and inspire change.

We welcome applications from candidates reflecting our diverse communities and encourage working part time or flexibly including evenings. Candidates will be skilled to equip others and be sympathetic to the mission of the Church of England.

Working as part of the Church Operations and Generosity Development Team to enable parishes within the Diocese of Sheffield to develop and promote a clear vision for Christian giving by building on and promoting a culture of generosity.

The key responsibilities will be:

To enable and enthuse a culture of generous giving, providing focussed support to every parish in the Diocese, working in partnership with other members of the Parish Finance Team. This will include:

• Helping create an annual giving strategy for each parish

• Facilitating parish self-assessment of giving and generosity culture

• Working with parishes to identify and deliver opportunities for growth in Common Fund contributions to support Diocesan vision and sustainability.

• Supporting giving and generosity campaigns

• Encouraging uptake of proven resources that support local parish funding initiatives, assessing local needs to ensure suitability, including:

  • Capital, revenue and legacy funding;
  • Grant applications and strategies;
  • Digital and online giving
  • Supporting uptake of financially efficient schemes such as Parish Buying
  • Promoting the Parish Giving Scheme.

Someone with a passion for generosity and fundraising, with a working knowledge of the culture and structure of the Church of England, they must have the ability to promote and communicate ideas to encourage and inspire change.

The Diocese of Sheffield was founded in 1914 and contains the whole of the city of Sheffield, the Borough of Rotherham and the Borough of Doncaster. In addition, it contains much of the Borough of Barnsley and areas of the East Riding of Yorkshire around Goole, across to the edge of North Lincolnshire. Consequently, we serve almost 1.2 million people across South Yorkshire and adjoining areas.

The Diocese currently has 176 parishes (205 churches and 150 benefices). These parishes are served by 103 stipendiary clergy; around 30 self-supporting ministers and over 400 licensed Readers and other lay ministers. There are twelve deaneries and two archdeaconries in the Diocese. The Diocese contains many contrasts in terms of relative wealth and poverty with very many areas of both urban and rural deprivation. The churches vary very significantly in terms of ecclesial tradition and size.

2020 was tough in lots of ways for our Mission Areas, with many Parish finances taking a serious impact because of Covid-19. Without the National Covid and Furlough grants, Diocesan finances would also have struggled. Our income in 2020 was £9.54m and spend was £9.7m. Whilst we are working with a deficit budget in 2022 we expect to move to a stronger position in subsequent years.

Further information about the Diocese and the area it serves can be found on the Diocesan website at