Team Rector of the Lowton and Golborne Team

This job has now expired
Lowton and Golborne
Office Holder

The three vibrant parishes that make up the Lowton and Golborne team can be found just north of Warrington to the east of our diocese.

  • The oldest church in the team is Lowton St Luke’s. It was built in 1732 and consecrated in 1733. St Luke’s today is a grade 2 listed church building in good condition. With
  • Lowton St Mary is a small church, built of stone in 1861. The church is in good order and was re-ordered during an extensive re-decoration project in 2017.
  • Golborne St Thomas is the largest of the three churches in the team. The church was built in 1849. In 1999 a new purpose built centre on two stories was built onto the church.

All the churches have a prayerful, welcoming and warm feel and are centres of our local communities. There are good links in place in the team between the churches, schools and local community groups. The parishes are keen to see school’s ministry and the development of lay vocations.

Short Listing: Thursday 8th September 2022

Interview Dates: Tuesday 20th September 2022

For more information please contact the Archdeacon of St Helens and Warrington the Ven Simon Fisher on:

The three parishes cover a wide variety of places. There is urban and industrial, countryside and farm land –a country park and a large lake. The area has a proud history with the churches playing a central part in the local communities. It has good transport links to Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester and being in the North West there is easy access to the lake district, North Wales and many other delights.

There are 9 schools in the area with three being CE primary schools and one a CE Secondary school. The clergy are well known in the schools giving a platform for future ministry

The Team was formed in 2013 and combines busy churches where the occasional offices are important. There are many challenges including encouraging lay collaboration between the churches and encouraging a greater level of financial stewardship and giving.

As well as your local responsibilities, as a leader in the Diocese of Liverpool you will be expected to:-

  • Constantly advocate diocesan strategy
  • Sign people up to the Rule of Life
  • Nurture existing leaders and identify new ones
  • Identify and commission teams
  • Build and lead a leadership team
  • Create a positive culture of accountability
  • Establish connections between worshipping communities
  • Attend to financial health of your worshipping communities

Our Ideal candidate will:

  • Teach and proclaim the Christian faith in and out of church
  • Encourage and embed a culture of serious discipleship and evangelism
  • Identify, develop and lead existing and new lay leadership
  • Make the most of missional opportunities in the schools
  • Lead on the reshaping of clergy responsibilities in the team

Being part of the Clergy Team in Liverpool Diocese

For many years we have been working to achieve growth in discipleship. We have expressed this purpose in different ways over the years, but our aim and direction of travel has remained the same – consistent with the purposes of the Church of England as a whole.

“We are asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference”; and we say, “More people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world.”

We have identified 4 mission priorities which are foundational to this vision:

  1. introducing people to Jesus;
  2. deepening discipleship;
  3. developing Christian leaders, and
  4. working for justice.

Further, we are asking every worshipping Christian in our diocese to:

  1. Sign up to the Bishop’s rule of life which will encourage and support us to Pray, Read, Learn, Tell, Serve, Give, #RuleOfLife
  2. Bring 1 person into the regular worshipping and serving life of the church #BringOneFriend www.liverpool,
  3. Do 10 acts of service or find 10 new points of connection beyond the walls of the church #DoTenThings www.liverpool,