Team Vicar in the Great Yarmouth Team Ministry

This job has now expired
Great Yarmouth
Office Holder

Team Vicar Key Tasks:

In addition to sharing Team Tasks the new Team Vicar will lead with certain key responsibilities.

Pathway Café & Support Centre:

  • Serving 90+ needy, vulnerable & homeless people with a hot meal 3 days a week and also a weekly Foodbank.
  • Provide pastoral care for customers, volunteers and staff
  • Address the need for spiritual support in an area of deprivation to a community of people who are often noted as hard to reach o Share in the leadership of Pathway and help to sustain growth and also diversify their offer to serve those in need
  • Serve as a trustee of Pathway (charity number: 1178940)

St Mary’s Southtown & St Paul’s Newtown

  • Encourage growth in these churches, looking for new opportunities for the gospel
  • Take a pastoral lead for these congregations while sharing leading regular worship with Ministry Team colleagues
  • Develop connection with their geographical areas through these two daughter churches
  • Work alongside existing clubs, community groups and hall users to increase connection with the church
  • With the Ministry Team, begin to explore possibilities for new services and patterns of worship

Personal qualities:

We hope you will be someone who has:

  • Faith rooted in and stirred by compassion for all God’s people
  • Commitment to prayer; individually and with others
  • Heart to love and care for those within the church and without
  • Genuine interest in people, backed by a sense of humour
  • Commitment to working within a team ministry and supporting each other
  • Flexibility to adapt in a growing, evolving team ministry
  • Willingness to receive and give feedback constructively
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Desire and boldness to try something new

Personal skills:

We seek someone who can demonstrate:

  • Compassion in dealings with all people
  • Great communication skills; verbal, written and digital
  • Ability to communicate the gospel to all, in an effective, culturally relevant way
  • Aptitude to take responsibility and delegate
  • Capacity to introduce and lead appropriate change
  • Sound organisational skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively and consultatively within a team context

Great Yarmouth is a single parish which operates as a team ministry with three churches. An historic town, which in the past was extremely wealthy through its fishing and port although today it is amongst the most deprived in the country.

Great Yarmouth Minster is the parish church along with the churches of St Mary Southtown and St Paul Newtown. Both St Paul’s and St Mary’s possess good halls with extensive community use. In addition, The Minster Mission is home to Great Yarmouth Café & Support Centre which serves free hot lunches and is a centre for Foodbank.

The Minster has a special affection for the people of the town where civic occasions are cherished and a value of sacred music is prized. The parish has traditionally maintained a liberal catholic ethos. Vestments are worn at all services and the sacrament is reserved in all churches. The Minster provides a heart and focus for ministry and is a haven of prayer with the daily offices being the core of Ministry Team life. Great Yarmouth PCC recently voted to become part of the Inclusive Church Network.

In 2022 the Parish is looking to recruit two new Team Vicars. Each with their own areas of responsibility and with their own unique gifts to bring to the parish.