Vicar of Toxteth Park St Agnes and St Pancras

This job has now expired
Toxteth Park, St Agnes and St Pancras, Toxteth, Liverpool
Office Holder

We are looking for a missional priest within the Anglo-Catholic tradition to serve this urban parish in Toxteth, Liverpool. The parish is under the extended episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Beverley. This post is currently time limited for five years.

St Agnes and St Pancras is a landmark church consecrated in 1885. It is a Victorian, grade 1 listed building, which is a local landmark and holds a significant place in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. The parish seeks a priest who will uphold the Anglo-Catholic tradition of worship, and inspire the congregation. The Vicar of St Agnes & St Pancras will be committed to teaching and keeping Traditional Catholic faith.

The Vicarage is located in the grounds of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, and is a short drive away from the church.

Short Listing: Thursday 23rd February

Interviews: Wednesday 22nd March

For more information on this vacancy please contact the acting Archdeacon of Liverpool the Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes on

The parish maintains the traditional understanding of priesthood, but is inclusive and welcoming to all people. The parish have a proud recent history of aiding asylum seekers, some of whom are still members of the congregation. The parish have an excellent relationship with the Ethiopian church community (St Teklehaymanot) who celebrate Mass at St Agnes’ on alternate Saturday mornings. The PCC are a committed group who support each other and the church growth.

The church is located in an urban area of social deprivation but is financially sound and maintains full Parish Share payments. St Agnes and St Pancras has close links with other Catholic Parishes in the Diocese. It has a Lady Chapel and a church hall, plans are currently in preparation for conservation work within the Church.

Music is central to the worship at St Agnes and St Pancras and they have a Director of Music who is a professional choral conductor, and the Church also boasts small but enthusiastic choir. The parish also has two Honorary Assistant Priests and lay involvement in the Solemn Eucharist. St Agnes and St Pancras currently has 51 people on the electoral roll, from a wide variety of social backgrounds and occupations. Many live outside of the parish boundaries but wish to worship in Anglo-Catholic tradition.

There are schools in the Parish which good connections could be made, also the parish is located in a lively and popular area, the congregation are positive and are willing to support the new Vicar in his endeavours to reach out into the community to expand on the mission of the church and congregation.

As well as your local responsibilities, as a leader in the Diocese of Liverpool you will be expected to:-

  • Constantly advocate diocesan strategy
  • Sign people up to the Rule of Life
  • Nurture existing leaders and identify new ones
  • Identify and commission teams
  • Build and lead a leadership team
  • Create a positive culture of accountability
  • Establish connections between worshipping communities
  • Attend to financial health of your worshipping communities
  • Will maintain and develop the rich catholic faith of St Agnes and St Pancras
  • Be able to inspire and rejuvenate the congregation into developing their vision and mission
  • Be an active figure in the community, creating links with schools and families to encourage discipleship in the missing age groups.
  • Fully contribute to the Deanery and the Chapter of the Transfiguration

Being part of the Clergy Team in Liverpool Diocese

For many years we have been working to achieve growth in our diocese. We have used different ways to express this but the aim and direction of travel has remained the same – consistent with the whole of the Church of England. Bishop Paul has articulated a vision for this growth by saying

“We are asking God for a bigger church so we can make a bigger difference”; said another way, “We long to see more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world.”

To achieve this vision we are working to develop:

  • 100 new congregations
  • 1000 new leaders
  • 10,000 new disciples

Further, we are asking every worshipping Christian in our diocese to:

  1. Sign up to the Bishop of Liverpool’s rule of life which will encourage and support us to Pray, Read, Learn, Tell, Serve, Give, #RuleOfLife
  2. Bring 1 person into the regular worshipping and serving life of the church #BringOneFriend www.liverpool,
  3. Do 10 acts of service or find 10 new points of connection beyond the walls of the church #DoTenThings www.liverpool,