Giving Advisor

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Are you passionate about helping Christians to grow as generous disciples of Christ and have experience to help grow giving in churches or other organisations? Then this could be for you! As the Giving Advisor for the Diocese of Exeter you will be working with a small team to promote a deeper understanding of the Christian principles of giving. You will be focusing on the encouragement of planned giving, the roll out of contactless giving, grant and fundraising support as well as contribute to materials that encourage reflection. Training will be tailored to your individual needs.

The Giving Advisor role is part funded by the NCI for the first 5 years, through the Giving Advisor Fund. The Giving Advisor Fund was set up to offer financial support to enable dioceses to recruit additional Giving Advisors.

Any questions; please contact Brigit Kiyaga on (07889) 564103.

The aim of the GA is to work alongside the MRA to encourage Christians in the Diocese in resourcing mission and ministry.

In conjunction with the Finance Team and the Mission & Ministry Team:

  • Promote a deeper understanding of the principles of Christian giving.
  • Develop good practice in the stewardship of parish and Mission Community resources. In the words of the Diocesan Mission Action Plan, “Mission Communities were always intended to be financially self-sustaining, including in their payment of Common Fund, but this is a challenge in both urban and rural areas and relies on the good stewardship of resources by everyone and sacrificial giving arising out of personal discipleship”.


  • Communicate a vision of each individual Christian being part of the bigger Diocesan family, and how this translates into our giving.

Parish Giving Scheme

  • Work on a strategic level to increase uptake of PGS.
  • Prepare and give presentations.
  • Administer registrations.
  • Update the website.
  • Provide promotional materials to PCCs and clergy.
  • Answer general enquiries.
  • Prepare for and attend good practice day.
  • Use the monthly statistics information to identify parishes that are not making the most of the scheme and need further support.

Grant Support

  • Work on a strategic level to increase grant income in our diocese and contribute to the coordination of MR support.
  • Organise webinars, presentations and workshops.
  • Communicate with parishes (using their preferred communication channels) grant funding opportunities.
  • Work with GtRC and church buildings team to identify parishes who would benefit from such support
  • Active online presence.

Digital Giving

  • Work on a strategic level to increase take up of digital giving in diocese.
  • Organise webinars and presentations.
  • Active online presence.


  • Work alongside MRA to provide resources for four key groups which encourage reflection on the areas of gratitude, generosity and giving.

Relationship Building

  • Support the Deanery Treasurer network, and contribute to these meetings.
  • Develop productive working relationships with clergy and PCC officials.
  • Relate closely with the Mission Resources Adviser, Finance Team and Mission & Ministry team including the Growing the Rural Church Team (and other Diocesan staff).
  • Contribute to the Assets Group on a regular basis as part of the Mission Resources update.

Information Management

  • Keep accurate notes, correspondence and records and place on file as appropriate.
  • Ensure information management systems and policies are adhered to, including GDPR and Data Protection Policy.
  • Monitor progress in the following areas:
    • No. of PGS registration and use
    • No. of parishes that access grant funding resources (webinar, telephone conversations etc.)
    • No. of churches that have adapted digital giving
    • Contribution to resources for four key groups.

For further responsibilities please review the job description.

  • Equivalent training/qualifications relevant to the overall purpose of the post.
  • Experience of working with organisations on the development of strategies and action plans.
  • Able to organise and deliver training events.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills and use of information technology.
  • Good IT skills, including knowledge Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, PowerPoint and databases.
  • Sensitive to the different cultures, traditions and activities within the Church and maintain a consistent approach to clergy and non-clergy matters.
  • Understand how the belief systems which shape the life of the Church may affect safeguarding work in Church of England.
  • Commitment to anti-discriminatory practices within the Church of England’s legal context.

For further requirements please review the job description.

‘The Diocese of Exeter matches almost exactly the boundaries of the county of Devon, including Torbay and Plymouth. We are a family of Christians, worshipping God in many different settings and groups. We are led by the Bishop of Exeter, and governed by Diocesan Synod which is made up of representatives from across the Diocese.

The central office is the Old Deanery, Exeter, where there is a team of around 65 Diocesan staff whose work is arranged to focus on a number of the goals of the Diocesan vision and strategy, ‘Grow in Prayer, Make new Disciples and Serve the People of Devon with Joy’. These staff work in the following teams: Education, Mission & Ministry, Church & Society, Communications, Property & Church Buildings, Finance, Safeguarding, Vocations, Synod Office, Archdeacons Secretaries, Counselling & Pastoral Care Service and our exciting new Growing the Rural Church Project.