Vicar of the Parish of St Luke, St Albans

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St Albans
Office Holder


St Luke’s is a welcoming and inclusive church family which spans all ages and is characterised by integrity, warmth and good humour. Our tradition is broadly low Anglican evangelical.


Our community

St Luke’s Church lies on the south-eastern side of the lovely city of St Albans with its excellent links to London (20 minutes by train) and surrounding countryside. The parish is largely residential with some light industry. 24% of residents are of BAME ethnicity and, although St Albans is a relatively wealthy city, St Luke’s parish includes one of its three most deprived neighbourhoods.

Our Church

The church building itself has a modern and inspiring interior while the contiguous parish centre is used by a wide range of groups and is a hub of community activity. We have recently enhanced our audio-visual capability significantly to enable the live broadcasting of services.

Our team

The ministry team comprises ordained and lay leaders and the church employs a parish administrator who is also PA to the vicar. More numerous than we can list, a host of church members have leadership and support roles across the entire life of St Luke’s.

Main responsibilities

We take it as read that our new vicar will be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a heart for God’s word and for teaching it to everyone – from those whose Christian faith spans the decades, to people who are seeking to know God for the first time. There are in addition specific qualities which we think will help us meet the priorities that we believe God has for St Luke’s, and enable us to grow in His service:

  • The ability to connect with, and be approachable for, people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds - social, economic, sexual and ethnic.
  • An eagerness to work in a collaborative manner, inspiring and galvanising our lay leaders and indeed the whole church family, as happy to motivate as a team leader as to roll up their sleeves and join in.
  • A passion for engaging with children and young people (and their leaders) to bring God into their lives and nurture their faith.
  • A willingness to embrace and develop our style of worship and teaching - a more relaxed and informal feel, underpinned by appropriate Spirit-led reverence; worship in song that embraces contemporary music while still enjoying more traditional hymns; teaching that is firmly rooted in the Bible while not afraid to challenge conventional understanding.

Our vision and priorities

Our vision for St Luke’s grew out of an earlier statement by which we still live:… to be people who Bring God’s Grace to Life by:

  • receiving God’s grace in its fullness;
  • living by God’s grace in our Christian Community;
  • sharing God’s grace in the world.

We believe these are the priorities for St Luke’s in the coming years:

  • Explore creative ways of engaging, partnering and working alongside our local community, releasing gifts to act as salt and light as we seek to live out our mission in new ways.
  • Reinvigorate our work with children and younger people. This has always been a strong focus for St Luke’s and the ending of WOW! (our ‘messy church’), and the impact of the pandemic on our work with children generally, reinforces this as a priority.
  • Develop our voice and support for environmental action – we take the issue of climate change seriously, have achieved the EcoChurch Bronze award, and are the home of
  • Engage more effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Inclusiveness is a value we hold dear but our church family does not yet represent the diversity of our parish as well as it should.

About us

As a lively, supportive and inclusive multi-generational church family, we have over recent years grown significantly in our appreciation of God’s grace and of our role in sharing that grace in the world. We have become more outward-looking and believe that God wants us to continue to reflect the light of His love in our parish. We believe that we need to explore new and more creative ways of mission - working as much with as for our local community.

We are a church family that values and encourages contributions from all its members and is able to have open and honest discussions while always maintaining love and respect for each other.

Application pack can be obtained from the Archdeacon of St Alban's PA at

Closing Date for applications: Wednesday, 9th February 2022 at 12 noon.

Interview day: Wednesday, 16th March 2022