Grow Course Manager

This job has now expired
£46,000 FTE

The Centre for Church Planting and Growth supports the work of the Bishop of Islington, one of the Suffragan Bishops of the London Diocese. Bishop Ric was consecrated in September 2015 to support the London Diocesan goal of creating 100 New Worshipping Communities and is available to the National Church to support church planting.

His dynamic and creative team, based at St Edmund the King in London, provides a range of support to identify, develop and plant new worshipping communities as well as encourage church growth.

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The aim of this key leadership role is to direct and implement operational strategies, and to facilitate course development for the GROW Course, enabling us to support churches to grow in numbers, depth, and impact.

The GROW Manager will work closely with the GROW leadership team, and the London CCX team, to ensure that systems to support the development and delivery of the course are efficient, innovative, and sustainable. The post-holder will have oversight of Relationship Management, Digital Experience Management, and will play a key role in the development of the course as we respond to the new challenges of a post-COVID environment.

The GROW Programme Manager will develop links with other church growth courses and networks, working closely with those who share our missional outlook and with whom we can learn and develop training and supporting churches in the area of growth.

As with all senior leadership roles, we expect that this role will change, develop, and grow as the GROW course develops.

GROW Course Strategy and Development

  1. Working within the strategy set by the GROW Associate Director and team, the post-holder will seek to develop operational strategies that support the impact of the GROW course.
  2. Work with other team members to consider product development of the Grow Course from a customer experience perspective.
  3. Working with other key staff to implement logistical systems to ensure the smooth running of courses, events, and promotional activities.
  4. Support the logistical arrangements necessary to ensure people are connected into the GROW course quickly and efficiently.
  5. Ensure data collection, record keeping, maintenance and use is fit-for-purpose, of high quality and legally compliant.

GROW Course Funding and People Management

  1. Work with the CCX Operations Manager to ensure the course financial model is robust, and that financial costs are managed appropriately.
  2. Work with the CCX Operations Manager to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, and analysis to inform decision making.
  3. Ensure the GROW team is resourced and equipped for facilitating and delivering courses online and in person.
  4. Ensure processes are in place for training coaches, consultants, facilitators and any other staff required for GROW Course delivery.

Digital Experience

Work with the Digital Experience Manager to:

  1. Ensure the online experience of the customer journey is of an excellent quality - evidence based and marketing led.
  2. Ensure all the GROW programme achieves a high profile and strong engagement across the diocese.
  3. Ensure that future iterations of the GROW course have a strong digital learning offer as well as other components to facilitate implementation of strategies for growth.

Relationship Management

  1. Manage relationships with key partners to ensure collaborative approaches to development and implementation of the GROW course.
  2. Consider the best way to connect with clergy and other church leaders in a marketing and customer support role, to provide motivation and develop engagement with the GROW course.
  3. Maintain links with other organisations and provide reporting to the London Diocese.


  • Active Christian faith, passionate about seeing churches grow in numbers, depth, and impact.
  • Strategic, innovative thinker.
  • Experience in leading teams and developing people.
  • Experience in negotiating with diverse stakeholders.
  • Experience in using financial information to inform decision making.
  • Ability to balance large-scale and small-scale vision.
  • Excellent organisational skills, including delegation and managing under pressure.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Experience of working in operational management in a church or non-profit setting.
  • Experience of and enthusiasm for finding the best technology for management purposes.
  • Experience of working with business partners.
  • Understanding of Church of England structures.

The LDF exists to support the mission of the Church of England in London. The principal activity of the London Diocesan Fund is to operationally and practically serve and support the parishes and people within the Diocese of London, enabling the vision that every Londoner will encounter the love of God in Jesus Christ.