Living Generously Advisor

This job has now expired
Derby Church House, Full Street, Derby

Following the appointment of the Right Revd Libby Lane as Bishop of Derby in 2019, the Diocese of Derby has reflected on its statement of needs and the Archbishop’s charge, and following a period of listening and enquiry, has discerned a renewed vision for the diocese: The Kingdom of God: Good news for all transformed lives: growing church, building community

To work with the Diocesan Generous Living Action Group [GLAG] as they promote and develop a culture of individual and corporate generous living throughout the diocese. This will be primarily delivered through offering clear and consistent communication and messaging around issues of generosity. Key workstreams will include (i) training and support to give confidence to others to engage in this important aspect of discipleship (ii) sharing specialist knowledge and inspiration with parishes to stimulate greater generosity and (iii) monitoring and reporting progress.

Strategising and Marketing:

  • Working with the GLAG, support the development and implementation of a Living Generously Diocesan strategy that will underpin planned interventions and support the delivery of the Diocesan vision within its broader framework.
  • Working with the Communications Team to identify and exploit opportunities to promote generous living through stories, practical ideas and spiritual inspiration.

Team Capacity Building

  • Work with the GLAG to identify, train and support eight Living Generously Champions who will work with thirty parishes a year as they with the aim of increasing giving in those contexts by 10% or more pa.
  • To maintained enhanced knowledge in areas relating to living generously, including best practice, and giving policies and procedures

Analysis and Reporting

  • In partnership with the Finance Team and Archdeacons office develop a Living Generously Dashboard that will provide key parish metrics, track intervention take-up, etc …
  • Produce reports and feedback to relevant groups and committees

Training and Development

  • In partnership with the Ordained Ministries and Lay Ministries Development Officers develop and deliver training programmes that enable ministers to more confidently engage in issues around giving and generosity [IDEA & MINT, see]. Delivery likely to include programmes such as:
  • Minister training: delivering programs to ministers and new incumbents.

i. IME2 training

ii. Everyday Faith, bite-size online module

  • Support ministers in putting their learning into practice
  • Work alongside the Finance Team and Archdeacons office to develop a Living Generously Dashboard that will provide key parish metrics, track intervention take-up, etc …
  • Support Finance team as they develop Treasurer Training that includes close appreciation of Living Generously principles.

The Church of England operates through 40 dioceses, or administrative regions, each under the oversight and care of a Diocesan Bishop, with working with lay and ordained colleagues. The Diocese of Derby consists of the City of Derby, the County of Derbyshire and small areas of Staffordshire. The Church of England offers its ministry to all members of the community, in this case serving a population of over one million people. Within the Diocese there are 257 parishes and 330 church buildings, served currently by approximately 135 paid clergy. About 10,000 congregants attend Church of England worship regularly. There are also 111 church schools educating 5,000 children