Priest in Charge

Posted 29 days agoExpires in 15 days
Sittingbourne and Bobbing
Agency Worker

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in the role of Priest in Charge of Sittingbourne with Bobbing. You’ll see from the rest of the profile some of the specific things that the Parish and Deanery are looking for in the priest to take up this ministry role, and what they, and our Diocese, have to offer that person. Of course, part of your discernment process in coming to this role is gaining a sense of the bigger picture of us as a diocesan family, our vision and priorities for the future.

We are a community of ordinary people from all ages who love, worship and serve an extraordinary God!

We need the right leader who can fulfil our vision to take our two churches forward and see God’s Kingdom come and His will done in our town. There are new opportunities for the churches to work together in Sittingbourne and we have a strong sense that God wants to begin a new work and unify His Church here. Our new minister will play a key role in this process.

The new Priest will be well supported by our team of paid and unpaid staff, clergy and readers, and no one individual will be expected to lead our congregations by themselves.

The Ideal Candidate

You are people-focused with a caring, kind, gentle and compassionate heart. You can relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds and have had experience of the working world. You are fun to be around with a good sense of humour. You have the ability to make people feel at ease. You are humble, thoughtful, approachable, prayerful and a good listener. You are a good communicator and able to teach the Bible and the life of the Kingdom through your words and example.
You are forward-thinking with a sense of adventure and can see the big picture. You have foresight and vision to innovate. You have an awareness of new technology and the opportunities it presents for making the church online and offline more accessible, for example, for those with disabilities or the elderly.

You are a team player. You lead by example, encourage, enable and empower others. You are enthusiastic about seeing others grow, discover and use their God-given gifts and talents in ministry. You are a good people manager and know how to support whilst delegating effectively. You have a good understanding of the organisation and administration requirements of a medium-sized parish. You are comfortable with the different styles of our services: enjoying contemporary worship whilst also respecting a more traditional style.

You are passionate about Jesus and a person of integrity, faith, courage and resilience. As a servant-hearted leader, you are sensitive to the voice of the Lord and filled by the Holy Spirit in all you do. You are firmly rooted in God’s Word whilst seeking to see God move in power both inside and outside church buildings. You seek to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in daily life as well as church life and are committed to seeing God’s kingdom expand in Sittingbourne, working across denominations to enable more people to know Jesus. You have a passion to work for and promote unity and reconciliation.


You are community minded and mission focused. Whilst maximizing the use of our buildings for the Kingdom, you see the church without walls


As one church family, united across our two churches of Holy Trinity and St Bartholomew, we are passionate about Jesus and Kingdom focused. We see our church as a beacon for God in Sittingbourne, to reach the lost and grow disciples. We are welcoming and inclusive, loving, engaging and serving our community, providing both spiritual and practical support in a friendly and relevant way, as apprentices of Jesus. As a Spirit filled community, we are known for our love for Jesus (UP), our care for one another (IN) and the world around (OUT).

We want to see more of the power of the Holy Spirit moving in the life of our congregation and parish to change lives and make all things new, as we demonstrate God’s love, kindness and grace to those inside and outside our church. We want all we do as church, our worship and teaching, to honour the Father who loves us, to be Jesus Centred and Spirit led. Our leaders seek to empower others to be people who walk with Jesus in their daily lives, at home, work and in the local community.

Closing Date: Sunday 3rd October

Interview Date: Wednesday 3rd November