Priest in Charge

This job has now expired
Office Holder

Over recent years we have sought the most effective way of developing our mission and ministry so we might reach out with Christ’s love to and with the people who live in our beautiful villages. Now that our new benefice is created, including three of our parishes that have amalgamated into one, we need a priest who can guide us in in the next stages of our journeying – is this you?

The newly-constituted Little Stour Benefice offers its new resident Priest in Charge (0.6 post) a deeply satisfying and challenging position in leading, serving and enabling our three parishes and five churches - Ickham, Littlebourne, Stodmarsh, Wickhambreaux and Wingham - to proclaim the transforming presence of God in worship, prayer, outreach and celebration.

To be an enthusiastic, outward looking parish priest in our Benefice and to lead us in this next stage of our mission and ministry.

We are looking for:

A Team Leader

who will help develop our ministry teams for mission both locally and across our wider community

A Church ‘grower’

who will help us to grow spiritually and numerically both as disciples and church

An Enabler, Encourager and Facilitator

who will help us to move forward on our journey as we discover better ways of being effective in mission, ministry and witness

A Spiritual Leader

who will build great relationships in all walks of life as a pastor whose life is rooted in prayer whilst encouraging us to do the same


Changed Lives, Changing Lives

By God’s grace we want to be a people who are...

…confident & creative disciples of Jesus Christ

...rooted in scripture & drenched in prayer

…living gratefully, giving generously, caring for creation & sharing the gospel

...growing in number & expectations – of God & ourselves

...motivated by justice & love, open to the Spirit & ready for adventure!

Therefore we will ….

'Therefore we will...' is a recognition that words without actions are empty. It is a

commitment to taking real steps now to make this vision a reality soon. The current actions

that flow from this vision - both at a diocesan level and in our deaneries - are outlined in

detail over the rest of this document. Of course, these actions will change and develop

over time - and we would encourage our parishes to consider this vision carefully for

themselves, to explore together what actions they will commit to take, what their local

'Therefore we will...' might look like.