Chaplain to the Bishop of Leicester

This job has now expired

To facilitate the ministry of the Bishop of Leicester by supporting the Bishop in his diocesan, civic, interfaith and national responsibilities.

Main Duties


  • pray regularly for and with the Bishop, and take every opportunity to encourage others in prayer
  • produce the Diocesan Prayer Diary and ensure this reflects the Bishop’s priorities


  • Act as a sounding board and advisor to the Bishop; someone with whom the Bishop can talk in complete confidence
  • With the Executive Assistant, ensure that the Bishop is fully and appropriately briefed for all engagements
  • Drive the Bishop on occasion to meetings, services and engagements
  • Undertake whatever other tasks the Bishop may reasonably expect

Community of the Tree of Life

  • Support the Bishop in his role as Abbot of the Community of the Tree of Life
  • Liaise with the Prior of CToL to ensure good governance and compliance (finance, health and safety, safeguarding etc.)

Bishop’s Big Conversation Weekends

  • Work with the Mission and Communications Enabler to plan and deliver at least four Big Conversation Weekends each year
  • Help parishes prepare for the BBC, delivering training in evangelism and social outreach, and help to follow-up, ensuring that the parish is offering an ‘enquirers course’ for new contacts and further training in discipleship and evangelism
  • Work with ordinands who will accompany the Bishop to ensure it is a good learning experience for them, with appropriate challenge and support


  • Work with the Executive Assistant to plan a programme of regular hospitality events for clergy, lay leaders, civic and interfaith leaders throughout the year
  • Ensure these events are well staffed and offer a high-quality experience for visitors

Liturgical and leading worship

  • Liaise with the Dean and the Precentor in relation to episcopal services in the Cathedral
  • Liaise with parochial clergy or officers in relation to services at which the Bishop of Leicester or the Bishop of Loughborough will preside in parish churches and scrutinise orders of service
  • Attend services with either Bishop as needed
  • Preach and preside at services around the Diocese when required or requested
  • Prepare for services in the Bishop’s Chapel and coordinate Morning Prayer

Safeguarding and Discipline

  • Work closely with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser on issues related to clergy and safeguarding
  • Ensure Clergy Personal Files are maintained with regard to safeguarding issues
  • Review clergy blue files on receipt, prior to issuing a Clergy Current Status Letter and prior to sending on to a receiving Diocese
  • Take particular responsibility for Subject Access Requests
  • Oversee any processes related to the Clergy Discipline Measure
  • Liaise with the Registry with regard to clergy discipline, ordinations, the issue of licences and other legal documents

The Bishop’s Office

  • Work as part of a team, helping with the practicalities of running an office and creating a culture of hospitality and welcome for visitors

Personal and professional

  • Have a spiritual director or mentor
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities
  • Be part of the national and regional Bishop’s Chaplains’ networks

The ideal candidate should have:

Previous experience

  • A person ordained as priest in the Church of England (or a church in full communion with it) with significant experience in ministry.

Knowledge and understanding

  • Theologically qualified to degree level.
  • Evidence of disciplines of current reading and theological engagement.
  • Able to articulate a theology of safeguarding and familiar with church policies.


  • A good understanding of liturgy.
  • A good preacher and teacher with a love for the Bible.
  • Able to lead worship and prayer well in churches of different traditions.


  • Able to offer training in evangelism and social action.
  • Demonstrates a concern for, and a willingness to be alongside those who are economically poor, vulnerable and excluded.
  • Able to organise and deliver high quality hospitality events.
  • Able to relate well to, and influence senior leaders in various fields.

IT/Admin skills

  • Skilled in the use of computers, IT and social media.
  • Excellent administration skills.
  • Organised and able to work well alone and in a team.

Spirituality and Prayer Life

  • A Christian disciple with a mature faith able to watch over themselves and others.
  • The ability to be sustained in ministry through disciplines of prayer and study.

Personal style

  • Self-aware and mature.
  • Empathetic and approachable.
  • Able to see tasks through to completion.


Knowledge and understanding

  • Familiarity with canon law and other relevant legislation


  • Experience of working with people of different faiths.

Spirituality and Prayer Life

  • Experience of monasticism / new monasticism / community living

Clergy already in the Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (CEFPS) will have the option of either remaining in this scheme or joining the Church Administrators Pension Fund (CAPF) scheme.

There is no contracting – out certificate under the Pension Schemes Act 1993 in force for this employment in relation to the CAPF and CEFPS. Both CAPF and CEFPS members are contracted-in to the State Second Pension.

The Church Commissioners have an income protection insurance arrangement. To be eligible for cover under this policy an employee must be a member of the CAPF DC section. Please note that insurance cover is not necessarily automatic and that underwriting may be required by the schemes in some instances. Cover will be subject to any terms and conditions laid down by the insurance company.