All Saints Vevey and St Peter’s Château d’Oex, Switzerland Chaplain

This job has now expired
Vevey and St Peter’s Château d’Oex, Switzerland Chaplain

A brief Introduction

Our ministry is to reach out to and serve the English speaking community with the love of God. We seek to help people become followers of Jesus Christ and, in so doing, to discover their unique contribution in the Church and the world. We are an Invitational church, encouraging the congregation to be intentional in inviting friends, family and colleagues not only to services on Sunday, but also to other events, such as Alpha, Marriage and Family Courses, Christmas Carol Services etc. Our vision is to equip people in their daily lives and to emphasise the value of what we each do “this time tomorrow”, Monday to Friday, whether that is being a Christian at work, at home, or in the neighbourhood. Above all, our aim is that Jesus stands out for all to see.

1) QUALIFICATIONS / TRAINING Applicants for the post should:

a) be a committed and confessing Christian, holding to the central teaching of the Apostles' Creed and to the Bible as inspired by God (E)

b) ordained within the Church of England, or a Church in communion with it, or a church whose orders it recognizes (E)

c) have received leadership and team building training (E)

d) have satisfactorily completed Initial Ministerial Education (E) e) be able to demonstrate a willingness to engage in ongoing continuing ministerial development appropriate for this post (E) f) fluent written and spoken English; written French at Basic level (A2) and spoken French at Intermediate level (B1). (E) g) safeguarding training at C2 level (E) h) hold a driving license (D)

2) EXPERIENCECandidates equipped for the role will be able to demonstrate experience and understanding in the following areas

a) a strong ability to communicate inspirational & challenging sermons (E)

b) experienced in pastoral care and visitation (E)

c) working with and leading a diverse multi-denominational church (E)

d) ability to adapt to a different culture and work with a diverse international community (E)

e) have a good intention of living a balanced work and personal life (E)

f) working as a team leader, team member and able to delegate and empower others (E)

g) presiding over services across a variety of worship styles, including both traditional and contemporary (E)

h) effective planner of church services and events during the week (D).

3) KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Candidates will be able to demonstrate that they possess knowledge, skills and competencies as follows:

a) strong biblical and theological understanding (E)

b) gifted in preaching and teaching of the Gospel (E)

c) ability to encourage members to discover and use their gifts in service of the church (E)

d) pastoral and listening skills (E)

e) leading, managing and developing people (E)

f) ability to use digital media to further the work of the church online (D)


a) prayerful (E)

b) evangelist and with a gift for reaching non-believers with the gospel (E)

c) good communicator (E)

d) open to be led by the Holy Spirit (E)

e) with vision for the church (E)

f) someone with the gift of wisdom and discernment (E)

g) motivator (E) h) ability to adapt (E)

i) kind and welcoming (E)

j) ability to inspire and energize others (E)

k) team player (E)


a) someone who demonstrates their love for Jesus through their gifts, talents, and experiences (E)

b) an ability to see clearly in which direction the church should go to increase its influence locally and further afield (E)

c) heart for ministry and outreach to young people/children and an appreciation of ministry to all ages (E)

d) ability to work with other local church leaders and charities/missions to cooperate on joint ventures e.g. local outreach projects/events and encourage involvement in missionary ventures further afield (D)

e) a highly creative person with enthusiasm for finding new and different ways to communicate the gospel (E)

f) a heart for, and not afraid to tackle current issues facing Christians to ensure our church remains highly relevant in today's culture. (E)

g) someone who embraces the evangelical tradition, while being welcoming to people from all walks of Anglicanism and a wide range of other denominations (E)

The people of All Saints All Saints Vevey is an Evangelical Anglican Church which is conservative in theology and gently charismatic in practice. We are home to a wide spectrum of age, ethnicities, cultures, and Christian traditions. This is a wonderful gift and a glimpse of the reality of the global (and heavenly) Christian community composed of “that great multitude that no one can number from every tribe and every tongue” (Rev. 7:9). Our identity and denominational roots are in the Church of England, which is part of the Anglican Communion. We are also part of the ICS family, a pioneering mission agency that has been planting churches throughout Europe, North Africa and South America over the past two hundred years. Today, there are more than 25+ nationalities in our church family. All Saints has historically been made up mostly of younger families, working for a multinational employer, who have typically established themselves in the area for 3-5 years for career reasons, before moving on. Whilst this is still a reality for some, there are also many of our congregation who have made their permanent home here. There is also a solid number of more permanent residents comprised of retirees, teachers at international schools, YWAM, Mercy Ships and Medair staff. As companies restructure working practices and demographics change we are no longer so exclusively anglophone, nor so transient in nature as we once were. The majority of the All Saints’ children go to local French-speaking Swiss schools. As an English speaking church in a French speaking country we do not have parish boundaries in the traditional sense, and for this reason churches in our Diocese are known as chaplaincies, rather than parishes. The majority of the church family live 10-20 minutes’ drive away but some people travel for up to an hour to join each Sunday