Priest in Charge for The Benefice of Carlisle Holy Trinity and St Barnabas & The Benefice of St Luke, Carlisle

This job has now expired

Priest in Charge of St Barnabas, Holy Trinity Carlisle and St Luke, Carlisle is an exciting opportunity for a leader in mission to work within immensely varied communities in the vibrant historic City of Carlisle.

The Priest in Charge will lead the team across the whole Benefice of Carlisle Holy Trinity and St Barnabas & Sandsfield and also, the Benefice of St Luke, Carlisle.

We are seeking a person who has an ‘open-style’ and is able to work not only with a clergy team, but also with the laity to enable the Benefice to progress. And, a team leader and player who we will support us in the sharing of God’s love to the community. We want to grow in our worshipping community and with our outreach to those who make their home in our parishes.

The City of Carlisle dates back to Roman times and has been an important settlement since. The Diocese was formed in 1133 and its priory later became the Cathedral. Carlisle is the county city, located near to The Lake District National Park and the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage ruins, which run through it. The two Benefices are located to the western side / fringes of the city and provide good amenities and local facilities, including good access to all the city services and transport links.

If you are interested in this role or would like more information, please contact The Venerable Lee Townend, Archdeacon of Carlisle: tel. 07458016925.

Deadline: 12 noon, 2 November 2018

Interviews: 15 November 2018

Full details are available on the diocesan website including profiles and application forms. Please use the application forms provided on the Diocese Website to apply for this position.

The Priest in Charge will lead the team across the whole Benefice of Carlisle Holy Trinity and St Barnabas & Sandsfield and also, the Benefice of St Luke, Carlisle.

The two Benefices have recently agreed to work together under the leadership of the new parish priest and as such, their respective PCC’s are committed to supporting this approach for mission in this varied part of the city. The parishes are also part of the recently launched ‘Two Rivers Mission Community’; this is part of the Diocesan ecumenical ‘God for All’ strategy.

The parishes also have within them a number of OpShops (part of the Diocese of Carlisle) which are retail outlets designed to provide good quality used furniture and goods to those who have limited income. This is part of the Diocesan social action in the city and it is hoped that the successful candidate will continue to encourage further church involvement in this area.

The role of the Priest in Charge is to promote and encourage growth of the existing Benefices into a Mission Community.

The Priest in Charge will work in partnership with the leadership in the individual churches and also with clergy and with the wider Mission Community. In addition to Eucharistic ministry, key aspects of the role will include;

  • Ministry and leadership
  • The discernment and development of the laity in line with our mission action plans
  • Supporting the work of other team members
  • Community engagement and development

For more information about this application process, please use this link

In Summary, the ideal Priest in Charge will be a person who is:

  • A strong team leader, who will encourage us in the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • A good communicator;
  • Theologically articulate;
  • Able to relate to other members of the team in a collaborative way;
  • Will be gently pro-active in his/her ministry;
  • Is spiritually aware of the needs of a diverse group of people;
  • Will have vision and energy and will feel committed to the challenges offered by the role of, Priest in Charge.

The Benefices would welcome someone who feels, called to minister in an area which is a challenge, who feels led to reach out to those inside and outside the Church and, who would expect to enable the members of the Church to reach out to the World outside of our small worshipping community in our large benefice area.

The Benefices have embraced Team Ministry and have come to appreciate its strengths (as well as recognising its drawbacks), it is essential that the Priest in Charge understands the requirements of and is enthusiastic about team ministry.

Our Benefices offer a variety of styles of worship in each worship centre, with each congregation being open to innovative ideas whilst valuing the traditions of their existing styles and will suit someone with a strong theological understanding, and is a strong team leader, with the vision to see what, with the help of God, might be achieved in this large and diverse benefice. Our Benefices can also offer enthusiasm, vision and opportunities and challenges with structured and established PCC arrangements and provide support for church activities. We have a number of established meeting groups and a variety of organisations use the community resources available.

The City of Carlisle is situated in the northern region of the county and benefits from its historical architecture, including Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle Castle (built in 1092) and other buildings, including The Citadel, all complimented by the character of the city centre buildings. The City is positioned very near to the Lake District and the nearby ancient roman heritage ruins and fortresses along Hadrian’s Wall; it can provide both a working and residential location with many benefits. It can also provide a gateway to Scotland, the Cumbrian Coastline and the County of Northumberland as it is served with good primary rail and road links to the north, the east and the south.

This is an exciting opportunity for a leader in mission to work within immensely varied communities in the vibrant historic City of Carlisle and as part of the Diocese of Carlisle.