Vicar for St Francis' Church Luton

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Office Holder

The Benefice of Luton, St Francis is part of the Diocese of St Albans and it is an enormously valued and valuable member of the Diocesan family. The Bishop of St Albans and I expect its distinctive witness to continue, flourish and develop under the guidance of its new Vicar.

St Francis is an exciting opportunity to build on the excellent work of the previous incumbent who has rebuilt the confidence and life of the church. It is a good team of people who share a strong sense of mission and outreach to their local community. With the right leadership there will be the chance to develop things significantly in the future. As Vicar you will also be part of a strong deanery in the diverse and rewarding town of Luton. The potential for new building around Cockenhoe, including an enlarged church school, also offers all sorts of possibilities going forward. The benefice has had a number of good curates and I hope that who-ever is appointed will have the skills to be a training incumbent.

This is a Benefice which has affirmed and been blessed by the contribution of ordained women in public ministry, and the Diocese looks for this approach to continue.

At St Francis’ Church we are centred on the life changing love of Jesus and we want to share it with those within the parish and beyond.

Our vision is to be “An all-age community, centred upon the life-changing love of Jesus and being salt and light amongst our neighbours.”

We would describe ourselves as an evangelical church with charismatic aspects. We have
approximately 100 members on the church electoral roll and before lockdown saw on average 80 in our congregation over the two Sunday services.

We are a church eager to see what God has planned for us next and in what new directions we may move.

We believe that God is calling someone who…
• Has the ability to inspire, motivate and invigorate us.
• Able to bring about change sensitively and willing to challenge our preconceptions.
• Able to mix and communicate with all ages, bringing us together.
• Knows how to help us grow as disciples of Jesus, and learn how to minister and lead for him.
• Has a love for the gospel and is willing and able to inspire us.
• Is keen to help us reach out to the local community and its needs.
• Has a heart for enabling us to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus, and to share our faith with them.
• Is approachable, not too formal and knows how to have fun.
• Is open to engaging with the wide range of churches across Luton and in building a stronger multi-faith neighbourhood.

There is a strong sense of community within the church family and a keenness to welcome new members. We have built and continue to build good relationships will our local schools and have enjoyed working with local community groups.

There are lots of volunteers here that take on ever growing responsibilities with joy and commitment and who have enabled us to make many improvements to the buildings, and work well in planning for our future mission work, and in financial planning.

The pandemic has provided many challenges, but we have risen to them and been able to continue to provide worship opportunities, and keep in touch with our church family to keep them supported.

There are also opportunities in our parish for growth; it won't be long before a huge new housing development in Cockernhoe (nearby village) gets underway, and we are looking forward to making new residents welcome.

There is so more information about us and the local area in our profile which is attached to this page and on our website.

To apply please contact the Archdeacon of Bedford's office by emailing Tricia Reed who is the Archdeacon PA at or by phoning 01727 818167.