Vicar of All Saints, Hoole, Chester

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All Saints, Hoole are a lively, welcoming, well-established Evangelical parish church in Chester.

We are committed to faithfully teaching the Scriptures and making disciples.

The style of worship is informal liturgical.

Our vision statement is “To live like Jesus, with Jesus and for Jesus”.

We seek to be outward looking, mission-focussed and led by the Holy Spirit.

We want to develop our church as a safe place for all, providing a culture where we can flourish and grow.

We want to grow as disciples and be a blessing to our community, particularly encouraging our younger members and families to become fully involved in all aspects of church life and ministry.

The closing date is 11.59pm Wednesday 14 April

Visits and Interviews planned for 17-18 May

All Saints, Hoole is in the Deanery and Diocese of Chester.

Hoole is a lively and popular area to the north east of Chester city centre. Hoole has a strong sense of community, a vibrant range of cafes, restaurants, independent shops, and lovely parks.

There is a mix of social and private housing, 3 successful schools, including Hoole C of E Primary School, which has very close links to the church. We also have good links with other churches across Chester.

All Saints Church and Vicarage are large Victorian buildings in the centre of the parish. There is a spacious multi-function church centre attached to the church.

The Groves Church is a growing, missional community on the Groves Estate, which is led by our Pioneer Curate, Sam Durdant-Hollamby. The Groves area of Hoole is very mixed, with areas of deprivation and few community facilities.

Whilst Hoole is very much an area that is attractive to young families, our church family has more older members and we long to increase the number of younger members and families .

Our Sunday worship usually involves a 9.00 Holy Communion Service, which is quieter and more contemplative, and a 10.45 lively Morning Praise Service, or Holy Communion Service. Once a month we have a relaxed All-Age Worship Service. We have an accomplished Music Group and “Rising Gen” youth band who lead our sung worship. Our Leadership Team includes Lay readers and retired clergy, who enhance our strong tradition of good Biblical teaching.

Prayer is an essential part of our church life, both individual and corporate. Mid-week homegroups provide opportunities for prayer and study, whilst once a month we hold ‘Open to God’ to pray for the church, the community and the wider world.

We benefit from a committed and capable team of staff and volunteers. Our Youth and Families workers are involved in activities with our own families and young people and outreach into the community. Our busy church centre is the focus for many community activities, service to the parish and church events.

Our Homegroups are also crucial to our Pastoral Care, providing friendship, support and growing our discipleship.

Church members have been encouraged to reach out into the community in many different ways. These include one group who witness through the Garden Gate church allotment, whilst another witness in the main shopping street on a Saturday morning. Costa holidays provide a three day ‘holiday at home’ for about 70 older people who might not get away. Once a month those who are eating alone are invited to a Cheerful Giver Sunday lunch.

  • To lead us imaginatively and strategically, to support and develop the church in the next decade.
  • To be mission-focussed, with a heart for making new disciples, especially with young families and younger people.
  • To be collaborative and a team player, who will seek to encourage others to develop their gifts, valuing the contribution that all members of the church family bring.
  • To be open to what the Holy Spirit might want to do in our midst, and in loving involvement with our community.
  • To build and grow our links with different groups within the community of Hoole and be a blessing to them.
  • To develop All Saints Church as a Safe Place for all in our congregation and local community.
  • Christ-centred and Spirit led.
  • A gifted preacher and Bible-based teacher.
  • Prayerful and pastoral, with a love for all.
  • A proven leader, who can encourage, manage and build our teams.
  • Personally outward looking, with a heart for sharing the gospel and growing disciples.
  • An encourager who can affirm, mentor and develop the gifts and contributions of all members of our church family.

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The closing date is 11.59pm Wednesday 14 April

Visits and Interviews planned for 17-18 May