Vicar of St Mary's, Greasley

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Greasley Nottingham

The parish of St Mary’s is located seven miles north-west of Nottingham, in the northern part of the borough of Broxtowe. A former coal mining area, it is now suburban and semi-rural in character, with over 50% given over to farming and woodland. It has a rich heritage and exciting mission opportunities.

The Deanery of Newstead comprises a mixture of towns and villages of varying sizes in a former coalfield area of the county with a population of around 140,000 and growing with new housing developments. There is a pride in its industrial heritage, which has left its imprint on these communities, who have a strong sense of family, cohesion and loyalty to the local community. There is still pain around the pit closures of late last century. Much use is made by our population of their local church, especially for the occasional offices, such that some of our best mission opportunities and strategies are still grounded
in “Christendom” mode. That said, there are a good and growing number of pioneering projects and a focus on developing new worshipping communities

Interview date: 16 March 2021

The church of St Mary’s and its fifteenth century tower with eight pinnacles has provided a reassuring presence and a signifcant landmark for generations of Greasley worshippers and local residents, as well as for those simply passing by

A Grade II listed building, the church is medieval,having been built in the mid-15th century, and was restored in 1882. It had previously been restored in 1753, 1772 and 1832

Many of the settings for DH Lawrence’s novels were inspired by the beautiful countryside of Greasley. He lived in nearby Eastwood and based his stories on real people and places, the latter of which can still be seen today.

Both Greymede church in The White Peacock and Minton Church in Sons and Lovers were based on St Mary’s.

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Our successful candidate will

  • Guide, inspire and nurture our journey in growing disciples wider, younger and deeper
  • Be an active and visible presence to engage in the wider parish community, including schools, businesses and community groups
  • Be a purposeful, prayerful and pastoral leader of mission In Greasley
  • ‘Talent spot’ the gifts of others and enable church members to develop their potential
  • Use their theological knowledge to teach and deepen discipleship in this generation
  • Provide leadership and oversight for parish administration, buildings and finance

Priorities of the role in the next five years

Growing Disciples - Wider

  • Grow the church numerically, spiritually and younger to reflect the parish population
  • Develop the strategy for evangelism, nurture and integration into the church
  • Oversee the development of our social media and online engagement

Growing Disciples - Younger

  • Develop the engagement with young families, their children and young people
  • Work with local headteachers to explore new worshipping communities based in schools
  • Develop a younger generation of church leaders

Growing Disciples - Deeper

  • Promote the excellence of our choral tradition while developing other styles of worship
  • Develop a pastoral team to respond to needs across all ages, backgrounds and circumstances
  • Increase the number of groups for bible study, discussion and prayer

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