Vicar St Andrew Cleveleys

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The Patrons and the Bishop of Lancaster are seeking a Vicar for St Andrew Cleveleys.

A small town on the coast of Lancashire, sitting roughly half-way between its larger neighbour Blackpool and the former fishing community of Fleetwood, the population of Cleveleys is around 22,000, of which 12,000 live within the parish.

Our vision is to move forward together as the people of God in Cleveleys, moving from surviving to thriving and flourishing, refreshing and irrigating today’s slightly fallow field so it can yield tomorrow’s abundant crops.

We are praying for someone who will:

  • be ready to work alongside us to help us realise our ambition to be the beating heart of the community of Cleveleys;
  • be a prayerful priest who understands, and is able to articulate what makes faith flourish;
  • be able to lead the Parish to develop a strategy for mission, which will in turn enable us to explore and express a living Vision together, so that people in Cleveleys will see God in and through us;
  • be able to offer worship which includes and inspires e. g. through the spoken word, technology, music and lay participation, and brings to life the Eucharistic command to go out in mission to the people of Cleveleys;
  • be able to meet people where they are, making worship appealing to all, regardless of age, maturity of faith, ability or otherwise;
  • be a skilled teacher, who through enquirers’ courses and other means, can help people of all ages, be they new to church or used to church, understand why they come to church;
  • be a skilled preacher, who understands the power of succinct and simple communication, using everyday language and formats that are accessible to all;
  • be creative in enabling the parish to recognise, confront and together address the reality of problems;
  • have a good sense of humour, able to see the funny side, understand Northern wit, and never take yourself too seriously;

Deadline: Wednesday 10 March 2021 at 12 noon

For enquiries please contact Area Dean Revd Martin Keighley (

Proposed interview date: Wednesday 24th March 2021 tbc

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