Fresh Expressions Development Officer

This job has now expired
St Albans
Fixed Term Full Time
£38146 - £41391

We wish to appoint a collaborative, imaginative and emotionally intelligent leader (lay or ordained), to help us to reach new people in new ways and to play a key role in inspiring and enabling church growth and the development of new worshipping communities.

We are seeking a full time Fresh Expressions Development Officer to join the pioneering Reaching New People Team to implement through support, training and strategic input, the development of 300 maturing and inter-generational fresh expressions of church and the equipping of 1200 lay leaders, in order to make 8000 new disciples of Jesus Christ.

For details of how to apply, please see job pack on our website -

Equipping leadership teams with the skills, knowledge and on-going support to develop disciple-making New Worshipping Communities (NWCs) that mature as sustainable communities of Christ and flourish across all contexts and traditions of the church by:

· Creating synergy with the diocesan youth and children’s team to refresh and grow new worshipping communities with children and families.

· Helping leaders / parishes to build on the online engagement in worship with newcomers / returners this year to further develop relationships and nurture faith.

· Enabling leaders to develop their new worshipping communities sacramentally through the Eucharist, baptisms and confirmations

· Helping parish leaders to grow disciples of Christ through intentional discipleship practices and courses within and in addition to new worshipping communities.

· Supporting the planning of prayer events focussed on reaching new people.

· Leading and contributing to RNP training courses, vision days and learning communities and recruiting to the Lay Pioneer Enabler course.

· Supporting and contributing to further training opportunities on the development of new worshipping communities through the Lay Pioneer Enabler Hub, Reader training and Initial Ministerial Education Phase

· Promoting, at every level of the diocese, a working definition of sustainable disciple-making NWC’s.

· Monitoring team progress on a weekly basis and identifying goals that address lead measures.

To do the above by enabling churches and leaders to engage further with the seven work modes of the RNP project:

· Learning Communities

· Coaching - training for leaders and coaching provided for leaders

· Consultancy – tailored support provided for leaders and parishes / churches

· Grants – start-up funding for new forms of church

· Training – RNP training courses, webinars and vision days

· Monitoring – measuring the attendance of individual NWCs to encourage and analyse the development of new forms of church in making disciples of Christ

· Lay Pioneer Enablers

The successful applicant, clergy or lay, will play a particular role within the RNP team of encouraging the development of intergenerational NWCs in contexts such as schools, Messy Churches, sports clubs etc. They will have:

· A mature Christian faith with a passion for mission and a committed involvement in the life of the church.

· Ability to help leaders and teams to grow and develop disciples of Christ in a new worshipping community.

· An enthusiasm for the Living God’s Love vision for mission and growth within the Diocese of St Albans

· The ability to think what strategic (next) steps will make a difference to further the development of discipleship in a new worshipping community

· The ability to work independently in handling a diverse workload and keeping to deadlines, with a ‘can do’ attitude, at ease in fluid and flexible contexts

· The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and to use information technology and social media to support communications.

· An appreciation of the missional context of today and the diverse contexts across the diocese.

· Competent administration and budget-managing skills.

· Experience in organising, facilitating and leading training.

During the last five years, the St Albans Diocesan Vision, ‘Living God’s Love’, has brought fresh focus and energy to the mission of our diocese, encouraging us to go deeper into God, transform communities and make new disciples.

The RNP project aims to stimulate spiritual and numerical growth by creating a culture of intentional discipleship in new forms of church.

In addition to implementing church growth in our inherited churches with the support of the Church Growth Officers, in the Flourishing Churches Team we are committed to reaching new people in new ways.

Through our work the RNP (Reaching New People) Team are seeking to engage with those currently unconnected to church. In today’s missional context we understand that this must happen through new forms of church, leadership and ministry tailored for those currently beyond the reach of church. This targeted work has the potential to enable us to partner with the missional activity of the Holy Spirit across our diocese as we aim to encourage what the Holy Spirit is sparking and initiating in local places. We are aiming to put in a high level of support for the creativity and diversity that is occurring at an increasing pace.