Vicar of St Matthew with St Martin and St Paul, Tipton

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Tipton, West Midlands
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St Matthew’s is a lively charismatic evangelical church in the heart of the black country, with a vision to know Jesus and make Jesus known in its large, urban, multi-cultural parish. The church is affiliated to the New Wine movement and committed to serving its community and growing new disciples of all ages. It is a one church Parish, though the parish boundaries were recently changed, increasing the parish population to around 19,000. St Matthew’s is served by a full time incumbent, a Reader and three paid staff, including the CAP Debt Centre Manager, along with a well-established Leadership Team. St Matthew’s has a church hall adjacent to the church building, and there are plans for an extensive reordering of the church interior. The Vicarage is next to the church.

Applications close on 4th July

Visit and interviews 10-11th August.

a) St Matthews church is in the area of Tipton known as Tipton Green. Tipton itself is a town located 16 kilometres northwest of the city of Birmingham, in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell. Tipton lies between Wolverhampton and Birmingham and is located adjacent to the towns of Dudley, Bilston and Wednesbury. Until the 1970’s Tipton was one of the most heavily industrialised towns of the area known as the Black Country. Now all but a few factories remain, large areas of industrial land have given way to new private and social housing, and apartments and the town has become in part more of a commuter town having both good rail and road links.

The Parish of St Matthew’s is multi-cultural with a large Muslim community in one area and predominantly White Caucasian community in the other. The parish is in the 10% most deprived parishes in the country, 1,001 of 12,382. The ethnicity of the population is: White 70.5%, Asian 21.8%, Black 4.1%, Mixed 2.3%, Other 1.2%

b) St Matthew’s is a family of around 100 down to earth disciples of Jesus, of different ages and from a whole variety of backgrounds. Its worship style is a mixture of informal and liturgical, mostly contemporary, led by a worship band. The preaching is Bible-based, often following teaching themes, and there are Sunday and midweek groups for children and young people, supported by a Kid’s Pastor and Youth Minster and teams of committed volunteers. St Matthew’s has a range of ministries serving the local community. It runs regular Alpha Courses; hosts a CAP Debt Advice Centre; and helps to organise the local Food Bank. The church’s Mission Action Plan 2018 expresses St Matthew’s vision to be a “a growing missional community of God, which seeks to know God more deeply and, together with other churches, bring the love, presence and power of God to transform our local community.”

There is a full description in the Parish Profile, but as St Matthew’s looks to a new season in its life under the leadership of its next incumbent the main priorities for the church are:

  • to reach new disciples, especially young families and youth, while encouraging, developing, challenging and sustaining the more mature in the faith
  • to further develop the mission of the church in the local multi-cultural community
  • to discern courageously what existing ministries need to be sustained, developed or laid down within the church
  • to speak out and challenge where necessary
  • to help the church to achieve its ambition to reorder the church interior

St Matthew’s is looking for a Vicar who is ready and able to lead a church of committed disciples of Jesus who want to see the Kingdom of God established in this part of Tipton. We are praying that God will call someone who

  • shares the church’s values and will lead it in discerning God’s vision for the future
  • is a prayerful, passionate, mission-minded leader who will help St Matthew’s to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, growth and service
  • can teach the Bible to a wide range of ages and abilities
  • is a good communicator who can build effective teams of staff and volunteers
  • will work with the Kid’s Pastor and Youth Minster to keep growing the number of young families in the church
  • is a shepherd with a pastoral and servant heart
  • will help St Matthew’s to achieve its ambition to reorder the church interior

For the church’s part, the people of St Matthew’s look forward to giving their new Vicar a warm black country welcome and to working with them to grow God’s Kingdom.

Simeon's Trustees is a leading and long-standing Church of England patronage trust, with patronage interests in many parishes in over 40 dioceses. Patronage of this benefice, Tipton, St Matthew with St Martin and St Paul is now shared with CPAS.

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