Vicar Christ Church Little Heath

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Potters Bar

We are an evangelical church in Little Heath, a village on the edge of Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, with 135 on the electoral roll, seeking to reach out into our community with the gospel. We are made up of people from a wide range of ages and stages of life and strive to welcome and care for all who come to us.

Our core values are:

‘To know Jesus, and to make him known.’

Rooted in God’s word The Bible

Motivated by the good news of Jesus

Serving all by the power of the Holy Spirit

United together with Christians around the world

Growing in faith and love

We are looking ahead with our vision ‘to know Jesus, and to make him known’. Our priorities and goals to make this a reality are: To live as one family that loves Jesus, following his ways, and depending on his Spirit, growing mature disciples and submitting to his will in our lives.

  • We aim to become more confident in sharing the gospel with others, and to build on our existing outreach.
  • It is important to continue to work with other local christian churches so that we become more visible in the community and reach more people.
  • We intend to keep building on the work of our Children’s Outreach Worker to grow our ministry to schools.
  • To pray more urgently for the world and the church
  • To be better at applying the truths of scripture to the world in which we live
  • To be training and sending more people into ministry, both within Christ Church and elsewhere

We look forward to welcoming a vicar who is:

  • An inspiring leader, who has a love for God’s Word, and can teach and apply it faithfully to our congregation
  • Is committed to growing the prayer life of our church
  • Will continue the growth of our children’s work
  • Will enable and support leaders in their different roles to build up the body of Christ
  • Can help us reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus
  • Has a heart for pastoral work both within our Church and Parish
  • Will build our relationships with other churches in the area

CPAS is an Evangelical Patron with involvement in the patronage of 690 churches accross the UK

If you have any queries about this post please contact Kathy Burch initially.

Applications close at midnight on the 26 January and interviews and visits are on the 22/23 February.