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Southwell, Nottingham

The Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham is seeking to appoint an Archdeacon who will bring their diverse experience and background to the Bishop’s Senior Team, sharing in the strategic leadership of mission for Growing Disciples across the diocese, with particular responsibility in the Archdeaconry of Newark. The post holder will also take the lead on key strategic areas of mission, according to their gifting; this may be as the diocesan lead for nurturing prayer life and spirituality, as well as fostering present and innovating new models of Lay Vocations in the Church and on ‘Frontlines’ in society.  

The Archdeaconry offers rich and diverse opportunities for mission across 135 parishes north of Nottingham city, comprising rural villages interspersed among the historic market towns of Newark and Retford and the larger, burgeoning post-industrial centres of Mansfield and Worksop. The Cathedral Church of the Diocese, Southwell Minster, and Worksop Priory are also within the Archdeaconry.

We strive to be an equal opportunity employer and the diocese particularly encourages applications from women and candidates with a black, Asian or minority ethnic background. 

Closing date: 5 January 2021 / interview date 22 January 2021

The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is seeking to appoint a senior colleague to the Bishop’s Core Team, to nurture, strengthen, implement and advance the vision of the Diocese in Growing Disciples, to enable the flourishing of all who share in this ministry and mission across the whole Diocese.  Following successful bids for Strategic Development Funding (SDF), the Archdeacon of Newark will have a track record of developing new and complementary models of mission across a diversity of contexts.  Historically, the market town of Newark represented the agricultural centre of the county of Nottinghamshire and the Archdeacon of Newark will have particular opportunities to deliver new forms of mission within village and rural ministry, as well as take the lead on the Diocese’s response to environmental issues. The Archdeaconry currently has SDF funding allocated for The Potting Shed Church, an innovative resourcing church in a rural context, as well as for potential resourcing churches in the market towns of Newark and Retford and the post-industrial contexts of Mansfield and Worksop.  

The Archdeacon of Newark will also have particular diocesan oversight for key strategic missional priorities; these missional imperatives are rooted and sustained by an intentional prayer life and vital spirituality, and the Archdeacon will embody a generous orthodoxy to nurture these across the diocese.  In addition, as we seek to raise up and release a diversity of local, entrepreneurial leaders to further the mission of the church in every parish, and the Archdeacon of Newark will foster present and  innovate new models of Lay Vocations in the Church and on ‘Frontlines’ in society.  They will also support the mission of the Diocese through the sector ministries.


Responsible to The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Archdeacon of Newark is also part of the Bishop’s Senior Core leadership team, which comprises the Suffragan Bishop of Sherwood, the Archdeacon of Nottingham, the Diocesan Chief Executive, the Diocesan Registrar, the Cathedral Dean, Director of the Board of Finance and the Bishop’s Chaplain.

As part of the Diocesan leadership team, the Archdeacon of Newark will help to lead in the continued implementation of a refreshed Diocesan vision which was launched in Advent 2016.  This has been disseminated throughout the Diocese celebrating the imperative for ‘Growing Disciples’, with three core strands reaching Wider in every community, connecting with Younger generations and growing Deeper roots of faith. A series of priorities have been discerned to facilitate growing new disciples in every parish across the diocese. These bold aspirations are well defined, focused and measurable and have already seen good levels of engagement in a broad range of parishes with early numerical growth in contexts previously experiencing decline.  

Amongst the opportunities this position offers, the Bishop is looking to appoint someone who can: 
•    Support clergy and lay leaders turning vision into action, helping to develop and implement long-term, sustainable plans for mission and growth.
•    Facilitate the planting and grafting of new worshipping communities in diverse settings aligned with diocesan objectives for Growing Disciples. 
•    Deliver a compelling picture for how generosity in giving, managing finance, pastoral structures and administration can release resources for mission and enable growth.
•    Winsomely preach and teach the faith, inspiring others through a personal commitment to evangelism, out of a conviction for whole-life discipleship.
•    Contribute confidently to awareness, delivery and adherence of all Safeguarding practices.  

Specific Responsibilities
1.    Contribute fully to the leadership of the Diocese as a member of the Bishop’s
Core Team, playing a strategic part in senior staff meetings, Diocesan Synod,
Bishop’s Council to achieve the vision of Growing Disciples.

2.    Work executively under the oversight of the Diocesan Bishop, and
collaboratively alongside the Bishop of Sherwood, Chief Executive,
Archdeacon of Nottingham and Diocesan Registrar, and the officers and
administrative staff at Jubilee House to ensure good communication, efficient
administration and prompt dealing with issues.

3.    Provide convincing and enabling leadership at all levels, mentoring the Area
Deans and Lay Chairs and releasing lay and clergy energy for mission and
ministry within the varied social contexts in the Archdeaconry.

4.    Work closely with the Bishops, Area Deans, Lay Chairs and Churchwardens to
embed engagement with the Diocesan vision, promoting the development of Growing Disciples plans within local church communities and through sector ministries across the Archdeaconry.

5.    Exercise all statutory responsibilities as Archdeacon for 4 deaneries (see below
for more details) and ensuring the provision of pastoral care for clergy, lay
leaders and their families.

6.    Work closely with the Chief Executive and Chair of the Board of Finance to
nurture understanding of Christian giving across the Diocese and fruitfully
encourage payment of the parish share.  As a Director of the Diocesan Board of Finance, the Archdeacon will also share responsibility for the Deanery Share Scheme.  

7.    Manage the appointments process in the Newark Archdeaconry, working
with the Bishops, Patrons, Parish Representatives, Area Deans, Parish
Representatives and administrative staff in order to achieve the appointment of
people who share the Diocesan vision and are well suited to the opportunities
within the specific role.

8.    Facilitate the planting and grafting of new worshipping communities in partnership with the Church Growth and Planting Enabler, as well nurturing the development of the potential larger resourcing churches in line with the Diocesan objectives in Growing Disciples.

9.    Provide strategic leadership to foster prayer life and spirituality across the diocese, ensuring their own continued ministerial development and spiritual formation as a disciple of Christ.

10.    Embed present and innovate new models of Lay Vocations, particularly contributing to raising up and releasing 120 local, missional leaders to be deployed widely and including churches in multi-parish benefices and New Worshipping Communities in multiple contexts. 

11.    Conduct Ministerial Development Reviews as required, developing talent and
mentoring leaders through particular challenges.

12.    Contribute as a Member of the Cathedral College of Canons with all attendant responsibilities and opportunities.

13.    Contribute to the awareness and delivery of appropriate safeguarding
practices, and monitor with others adherence to safeguarding requirements,
serving as a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel.

14.    Preach and teach the faith, inspiring others with a personal commitment to
evangelism and discipleship.


The person appointed should have been in orders for at least six years. She/he will
be a person who demonstrates the following qualities: -

Spiritual Life

 a person of prayer and spirituality who models a living faith and testimony deeply rooted in spiritual practices, vocation and whole-life discipleship.

Theology and Preaching

Demonstrates a generous orthodoxy, with the gifts to reflect well on areas of contextual theology with a good apologetic.
Gifted in teaching and preaching, with proven experience in nurture courses and discipleship formation.

Mission, Evangelism & Growth

Significant experience of parochial ministry in a role which has clearly nurtured spiritual and numerical growth and renewal over a sustained period.
An ability to identify and deliver new models of church and mission to grow disciples in every parish and in every context.


Experience and clarity over the significant responsibilities for Safeguarding, with a keen sense of the church’s ‘blind spots’
Someone who can work sure-footedly within the framework of the NCI and Diocesan safeguarding policies, chairing Core Groups as required.

Implementation and Delivery

Strategic leadership and highly efficient organisational skills with a focus on implementation and outcomes.
The ability to be analytical and work well with data while retaining intuitive and emotional insight.

Leadership and Oversight of Others

The ability to challenge as well as to affirm, and to be self-assured in managing conflict in the midst of complexity and a climate of transition and change.

Managing and unlocking the potential of Resources and Structures

Someone who brings procedural clarity through consistent and transparent ways of working, demonstrating they understand how good administration, effective fiscal  
management and pastoral structures can release mission and enable growth.
Able to facilitate and support good governance whilst creatively releasing the potential of current assets. (See Appendix G for Diocesan Financial Accounts and Parish Share reports)


Aproven capacity to be resilient and self-motivated in seasons when important yet       often complex or mundane processes dominate the day to day role.
An ability to maintain healthy patterns of life and work within a role with many competing demands.
Good emotional intelligence, self-awareness and down-to-earth wisdom for life.
Someone who evidently lives and ministers within the gifts, power and presence of the Holy Spirit




Join our great adventure

We seek to be a diocese where every Christian and every church has a compelling vision and plan for 'growing disciples, wider, younger and deeper'

Wider as we seek to find fresh ways to speak about Jesus and grow disciples among the 1.2m people living across the diocese who are not yet engaged in the worshipping life of a local church (98% of population)

Younger as we seek to grow disciples and develop leaders among new generations in a young diocese (Nottingham is the fourth youngest city in UK with over 50,000 students)
Deeper as we seek to grow disciples with a confident faith in Christ who are making a difference in every sphere of life, helping shape the culture and character of society.

Working in Southwell & Nottingham is an adventure and a challenge – the opportunities for mission are immense, the people are open and friendly and forward looking; there are also areas where the church is desperately needed to work with, and be a voice for, the poor and needy.

We are not just talking about growth, we are praying and acting in new and exciting ways to make it happen; we launched a Younger Leadership College in Autumn 2016 ( with the aim of developing 1,000 younger leaders to servce in the Church and wider society.

A new resource church has opened in Nottingham in an abandoned auction house that sits on one of the main roads into the city centre; Trinity Church is now a growing, diverse congregation working with our existing churches to bring Good News to the city.
Other new ventures are planned in the rural centre of the county – work is now under way to start a new, distinctive church - market towns and former mining communities.

However, it is in the development of our core ministry in every parish that we recognise potential for the most significant further growth. We have a programme over the next seven years to equip 25 resource churches which will be beacons of growth, supporting other churches in training for discipleship and leadership; also helping to plant and graft 75 new worshipping communities.

And we are aiming to welcome 7,000 new disciples into the fellowship of Christ and his Church by 2024, people who have realised that there is nothing better anyone can do with their life than to become a follower of Jesus.

There’s a lot to discover in the fascinating county of Nottinghamshire: rolling farmland and quiet woods; a cosmopolitan city offering the best in entertainment; two first-class universities; world-leading design and technology companies; fine architecture – and Robin Hood.
Add to that it’s beautiful country parks, stately homes and sporting prowess – it’s home to Trent Bridge, the National Water Sports Centre, and Nottingham Forest  – and it’s easy to see why it is such a popular destination for tourists, students, shoppers and sports fans (and we haven’t even mentioned its literary heritage, the mighty River Trent so popular with rowers, sailors and anglers, and the modern tram network that whisks people around Greater Nottingham).

The Diocese incorporates the whole of Nottinghamshire and a small slice of South Yorkshire, and has a breadth of ministry that covers tough former mining communities and city estates, isolated hamlets and villages, and historic market towns.
Working for change

On any one day, people from our congregations will be feeding the hungry, finding shelter for the homeless, providing meals for the lonely, working with the elderly and supporting asylum seekers and refugees – in 2016 the Bishop’s Lent Appeal raised more than £12,000 to help refugees and asylum seekers.

We also support Nottinghamshire Rural Support, a charity that helps farmers and their families, and have pioneered work to reduce debt, including the launch of Lifesavers projects in primary schools, which encourage children to save and also teaches them about finance and budgeting.

We are active in protecting the environment through our Freedom of Creation group – many of our vicarages now have solar panels – and we have a group of Workplace Chaplains who work with employers large and small to support the wellbeing of employees. 

Click here to find out more about our work
Bishop Paul Williams explains our vision for Growing Disciples Wider Younger Deeper

A prayer
God of Mission,
who alone brings growth to your Church.
Send your Holy Spirit to bring vision to our planning,
wisdom to our actions, faith to our lives,
hope to our communities,
and love to our hearts,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.