Rector of the Ford Group of Parishes

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Ford, Shropshire


Four rural parishes, comprising of 6 churches five miles west of Shrewsbury, make up the Ford Group of Parishes in Hereford Diocese. The parishes span the border and are part of the Pontesbury Deanery Group Ministry. Set in lovely countryside, the large vicarage is located in Ford village, which has a Primary School, Village Hall, Mini Super- market, petrol station and several places to dine serving good food. Fitness and swimming facilities are available at the very popular Castle County Club.

The six churches offer history, beauty, and simplicity. Each has something different to offer as a key part of the community. We are happy and blessed to live in this area and are looking for an individual or family to join us, to share our home and help us grow spiritually. The ministry in our schools has been successful, but we have more work to do to reach out across the generations and to grow our congregations.

We can offer an effective and forward thinking Pontesbury Deanery team. In our group ministry the incumbent of each benefice in the group has authority to minister throughout the group, and to perform offices and services which may be performed by an incumbent in all the benefices  It's the duty of all the incumbents to assist each other so as to make the best possible provision for the cure of souls throughout the area of the group ministry. Each of us have our own parish base and  also aim as benefice clergy to bring to the table interests, experience and skills we can offer to benefit the Deanery as a whole.

You will also receive a warm welcome and support from our church team. Each Church has a full PCC and Churchwardens in place and we also have a lay Reader and an SSM

Our Deanery Intergenerational Missioner Mark is funded by the Diocese to work 80% in the Deanery and 20% in the Diocese following the Diocesan strategy of Connect, Engage, Commit and Grow. His aim is to work across the Deanery with all ages, particularly with young families.

Our team has completed their safeguarding training and a safeguarding team is in place.

Our website is near completion, we use social media and have an award winning parish magazine

  • To be a compassionate and supportive spiritual leader for our parishes who encourages and develops our Christian faith and gifts.
  • To Communicate the gospel to all ages by working with a variety of forms of worship, including on line platforms
  • To work with our Intergenerational Missioner and play an active role as part of the Pontesbury Deanery Group Ministry by being team minded, collaborative and flexible individual.
  • To work with our 3 church schools and encourage our Open the Book and Messy Church Teams
  • Values where we are as a team and helps us to grow and evolve our worship and ministry initiatives.
  • To be a part of our community life and able to engage with the parishioners, by sharing the gospel story in word and action
  • Will have a sound spiritual base, with a sympathetic and realistic view of Christianity’s place in the community and the world.
  • Will maintain the church as a place of prayer and meditation, peace and stability.
  • Will be able to share the faith and build on life events in ways that relate to where people are on their faith journey.
  • Will be an enabler who is flexible in both their approach to different groups and also in their approach to the delivery of liturgy and churchmanship.
  • Is a good communicator, ready to inspire others across all ages, take a leading role but be able to delegate.
  • Will safeguard our traditions in worship while being adaptable and open to new ideas.
  • Will work creatively with existing ministers, both male and female.
  • Will be enthusiastic to enable those within the Group’s shared ministry to grow in ability and confidence and as leaders.
  • Have a vision for growth and an ability to introduce new ways to encourage the further involvement of our schools, young people and families in the parishes.
  • Is able to discern priorities across our parishes and work effectively with the Deanery team.
  • Will have affection for the countryside and rural life and is able to respond to the new pastoral needs and opportunities that emerge as communities grow and develop.
  • Is able to develop/be confident in the use of technology as a tool in worship and in other aspects of parish life.
  • Be a visible and approachable presence in our rural community and help to develop the church’s contribution to the community.

Our Deanery is not without its challenges in mission and ministry, but we find it a good place to be, and we receive excellent support from PTO and SSM clergy, Readers and lay teams; there are many opportunities here for growth. We don’t yet have all the answers, but we do feel we’re moving in the right direction! It will be good to complete the Deanery “team”, as together we re-imagine and reformulate the ministry to which God is calling us.