This job has now expired
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The next chaplain will need to embody the Evangelical tradition represented by ICS as Patron whilst relating well to a range of traditions. I am looking for a generous orthodoxy in faith and ethics.

As Bishop I would want ACB’s new chaplain to be rooted in prayer, a clear and compelling teacher of the Christian faith, who has the capacity to provide capable and collaborative leadership and to give loving pastoral care to the congregations.

ICS will be working closely with the diocese to discern the right person for this major post. If you would like an informal discussion about the role please do contact ICS or Archdeacon Adèle in Switzerland.

General to role:

To fulfil the calling and responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy, and other relevant legislation. To collaborate with the Bishops, Archdeacon and any ordained and lay colleagues in any initiative within the Diocese and Archdeaconry. To develop the local church’s mission and ministry. To ensure the provision of a high standard of worship, preaching and pastoral care.


  • Ensure the spiritual development of the chaplaincy and the discernment and development of gifts amongst the members
  • Deliver biblical preaching and teaching
  • Be committed to inspirational worship
  • Ensure the centrality of prayer
  • Encourage outreach that expresses the Anglican Communion's Five Marks of Mission
  • Nurture positive working relationships amongst the many and varied teams at ACB
  • Ensure safeguarding is an absolute priority
  • Oversee pastoral care
  • Lead the council, working with them to develop the vision and future direction of the chaplaincy
  • Work with the wider community and develop ecumenical links
  • Encourage lay participation in services and church life
  • Nurture and develop small groups


  • Leading worship
  • Teaching and preaching
  • Pastoral visiting
  • Supporting and developing work of clergy and lay colleagues
  • Leading council meetings
  • Leading and working in teams
  • Encouraging the "Setting God's People Free" initiative
  • Overseeing administrative work
  • Occasional offices
  • To ensure the ACB Core Values [see Chaplaincy Profile] are lived out in all aspects of church life and outreach and reviewed as appropriate
  • To oversee, together with council, that all ACB policies are upheld and reviewed regularly

Applicants for the post should:


  • Be an ordained priest within the Church of England, or a Church in communion with it, or a church whose orders it recognizes
  • Have received leadership and team building training
  • Have satisfactorily completed Initial Ministerial Education
  • Be able to demonstrate a willingness to engage in ongoing continuing ministerial development appropriate for this post
  • Be able to demonstrate a capacity to exercise priestly ministry at incumbent status


  • Hold a driving license

Candidates equipped for the role will be able to demonstrate experience and understanding in the following areas:


  • Working as a team leader and working within teams
  • Working in a diverse community both denominationally and culturally
  • Presiding over services across a variety of worship styles, including both traditional and contemporary (BCP and Common Worship liturgy)

Candidates will be able to demonstrate that they possess knowledge, skills and competencies as follows:


  • Strong biblical and theological understanding
  • Gifted in preaching and teaching
  • Pastoral and listening skills
  • Able to enthuse others in the liturgy and worship of the Church of England
  • Leading, managing and developing people
  • A knowledge of, or a willingness to learn, German


  • Administrative ability and confident using today’s technologies

For more information about this application process, please use this link