Chaplaincy: Anglican Church of St George and St Paul, Lisbon

This job has now expired
St Paul’s Church, Avenida dos Bombeiros Voluntários

General to role:  To fulfil the calling & responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy, and other relevant legislation. To collaborate with the Bishops, Archdeacon, Area Dean and any ordained and lay colleagues in any initiative within the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery.  To develop the local chaplaincy’s motto: “What does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?”. To ensure the provision of a high standard of worship, preaching and pastoral care.

There are many roles and tasks, amongst them:

  • Taking Sunday services, mid-week Communion, services on main feast days, weddings, funerals, other occasional services;
  • Pastoral care as needed, including visits to the sick, the British Retirement Home, English-speakers in prison;
  • Coordinating the work of priests with PTO and congregational worship leaders;
  • Providing leadership and support for the church’s young people and those working with them, particularly with a view to re-establishing Sunday school at St George’s;
  • Leading Christian study of various kinds and/or liaising with others to do so.
  • Administration of the Chaplaincy in coordination with the Churchwardens and Council;
  • Maintaining regular contact, as needed, with the Diocesan and Suffragan Bishops, Diocesan Office, Archdeacon and Area Dean;
  • Ensuring that Diocesan and other requirements are transmitted to the appropriate Church officers and carried out, particularly with regard to safeguarding, in collaboration with the Chaplaincy’s safeguarding team;
  • Counselling of and support of any who are exploring their vocation to ministry in the life of the Church;
  • Initiating, encouraging and working collaboratively with those proposing activities that bring people together.

Our challenges include maintaining and developing:

  • The dynamic life of this busy Chaplaincy – with two churches and activities throughout the week there are constant demands;
  • Unity among a very diverse set of people – the range of national, cultural and church backgrounds require sensitive handling;
  • Stewardship in the broadest sense – fund-raising but also looking after what we have, both conserving our heritage and nurturing our talents.

Specifically, we would like to see:

  • The organisation of a pastoral visiting team based at both churches;
  • The reestablishment of Sunday school at St George’s, which is currently not functioning for want of children.


Applicants for the post should:


  • Be a priest ordained in the Church of England or in a Church in Communion with it with at least 5 years’ experience at incumbent level;
  • Hold a valid driving licence for a manual car and be willing to drive;
  • Have basic IT skills (Word; e-mails; internet browsing).


  • Excel



Candidates should be able to demonstrate experience and understanding in the following areas;


  • Working with congregations from different ethnic backgrounds and Anglican traditions;
  • Leading worship flexibly, respecting a broad spectrum of churchmanship;
  • Working with children and young people;


  • Management of change;
  • Pastoral training and ministerial support;
  • Sustaining and developing ecumenical relations;
  • Fostering teamwork as well as working independently;
  • Bringing people together. 


Candidates will be able to demonstrate that they possess knowledge, skills and competencies as follows:


  • Ability to maintain and develop a prayerful but also dynamic spiritual life through worship and church-related activities;
  • Ability to preach simply but in depth;
  • Skill in dialoguing with people of varied ages, cultures and backgrounds;
  • Ability to show firm yet flexible leadership, in collaboration with  the Church officers, Council and congregation;
  • Ability to develop a sense of corporate direction and an openness to engage with outreach projects;
  • Ability to demonstrate a compassionate and caring approach in pastoral work in a broad variety of contexts, including bereavement;


  • The commitment and ability to develop the marriage blessing ministry;
  • Ability to maintain and develop links with the English-speaking community and its institutions;
  • Openness to developing the musical life of the Chaplaincy.

 For more information about this application process, please use this link