Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor

This job has now expired
Church House, Full Street, Derby

  • Having facilitated a strategic review, the aim would be to lead and manage the effective development of its safeguarding arrangements including good practice, policy and training.
  • To ensure that allegations of abuse are appropriately referred to the statutory authorities ensuring the provision of appropriate advice and support to survivors and victims of abuse.
  • To make sure that those that pose a risk are appropriately supported and managed.
  • To advise the diocese on all safeguarding matters ensuring that all advice is in line with the law, government guidance and national policy and guidance from the House of Bishops.
  • To work collaboratively with the National Safeguarding Team.
  • To be responsible, together with senior diocesan officers for the restructuring and line management of the safeguarding team.
  • Responsible for embedding good practice and recommendations from Learning Lessons Reviews and SCIE audits.
  • To lead the department with strategic overview and line management.
  • Undertake safeguarding casework on behalf of the Diocese and ensure all work is recorded in line with the House of Bishop safeguarding policy & guidance.
  • Offer the Diocese‚Äôs professional safeguarding response to safeguarding concerns or allegations against church officers in line with the House of Bishop safeguarding policy and guidance. To promote good practice.
  • Work co-operatively with the police, local authorities and other bodies in cases in which it is suspected that a child, young person or vulnerable adult has suffered abuse or is at risk of suffering abuse.
  • Give advice and guidance to the bishop and other church officers on safeguarding matters. To report to the Bishops senior staff team and other diocesan bodies on the progress of safeguarding arrangements.
  • Give advice, information and support to victim/survivors of abuse and ensure the diocese responds well to those who have suffered abuse.
  • To undertake and commission risk assessments.
  • Provide, or co-ordinate the provision of, training on safeguarding matters.
  • Implement, or co-ordinate the implementation of, the policy and guidance issued by the House of Bishops.
  • Contribute to the work of the diocesan safeguarding advisory panel.
  • Give advice, information and support to PCCs and parish safeguarding officers on the implementation of that guidance and, where appropriate, challenging PCCs and parish safeguarding officers on what they have done to implement that guidance.
  • Where the advisor thinks that safeguarding matters are not being dealt with properly and it has not proved possible to resolve within the diocese the points at issue, informing the National Safeguarding Team.
  • Ensure that records are kept that are accessible, accurate, securely held and able to be analysed.
  • Work collaboratively with the National Safeguarding Team and attend national events and activities.
  • Work closely with the Archdeacons. The DSA/Archdeacon relationship is crucial in the management of cases, as well as policy issues.
  • Responsibility for the management of Safeguarding Budget.
  • Engage in professional supervision and continual professional development.

Education & Qualifications


  • Degree level
  • Relevant professional qualification or equivalent (for example, social care or criminal justice), with current professional registration where applicable.
  • The equivalent of level 3 or above training accreditation in child or adult protection with ability to demonstrate transferrable knowledge across the client groups.



  • Extensive experience of safeguarding of children and adults.
  • Experience of undertaking work at a strategic level including budget management and of contributing to policy and practice development and implementation.
  • Experience of working on and managing cases involving the statutory response to the protection of children/adults;
  • Experience of applying policies, procedures and good practice in relation to the safeguarding and protection of children/adults;



  • Understanding of the broader safeguarding field including its social and political context.
  • Strong verbal communications skills and ability to produce clear written records and report.
  • Ability to work sensitively with survivors, those who are subject to allegations and/or those that may pose a risk.
  • Ability to manage and analyse complex and sensitive information and assess risk.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to influence improvements to practice.
  • Demonstrable ability to be part of and contribute to a wider team as part of a large national institution and to work collegially with specialist and non-specialist colleagues.
  • Ability to deliver or contribute directly to the delivery of safeguarding training to safeguarding professionals as well as other stakeholders.

The Church of England operates through 42 dioceses, or administrative regions, each under the care of its own Diocesan Bishop. The Diocese of Derby consists of the County of Derbyshire except for a small area in the north, and a small area of Staffordshire. The Church offers its ministry to all members of the community, in this case covering a population of around one million. Within the Diocese there are 250 parishes and 330 church buildings served by approximately 140 paid clergy. There are also 111 church schools within the Diocese. The recently appointed Bishop of Derby will be implementing a new vision for the diocese in 2020.