St Martha and St Mary's Anglican Church Leuven

This job has now expired
Minderbroederstraat 15

Who we are:

Mission and Vision Statement: St Martha and St Mary’s Anglican Church Leuven lives Christ’s mission to spiritually enrich the lives of every person in our wider university and city community. M&Ms is an inclusive Anglican parish, with broad ecumenical participation, known for rich liturgy, engaging preaching, and friendly community. We aim to explore Christ's mission in pastoral care, spiritual formation, openness to questioning, vocational training, and warm hospitality. We pray that practical outreach will lead to increased visibility as a generous university and city parish, as we grow in the life and service of God the Holy Trinity.

General to role:

  • To fulfill the calling & responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy, and other relevant legislation.
  • To collaborate with the Bishops, Archdeacon, Area Dean and any ordained and lay colleagues in any initiative within the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery.
  • To develop the local chaplaincy’s mission.
  • To ensure the provision of a high standard of worship, preaching and pastoral care.

Roles, tasks, challenges, committees specific to this post:

  • Responsible for the worship of the chaplaincy
  • Willingness to use an experimental diocesan bilingual English-Dutch liturgy.
  • Participating with the Worship Committee, a committee responsible for coordinating spreadsheet of readers, intercessors, and music selection.
  • Responsible for the pastoral care in the chaplaincy
  • Regularly available to congregants who would like to meet and talk (this takes the place of home and sick visits, which are infrequently needed in this context).
  • Offering pastoral care to those who ask or delegating that care to others on the Pastoral Team and ensure Pastoral Team meets quarterly.
  • Responsible for the occasional offices (baptisms, marriages, and funerals are infrequent in this context).
  • Responsible for preparing confirmation candidates, typically taking the form of a confirmation course offered once per year.
  • Ensuring, alongside the Safeguarding Officer, that safeguarding processes and procedures are properly followed in the chaplaincy.
  • Representative of the chaplaincy, alongside student representatives, to the KU Leuven Lifestance Network and to other local interfaith and ecumenical networks. This includes organising Anglican representation at discussion panels, interfaith events, and special services (e.g., Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 11 November Armistice services).
  • Oversight of chaplaincy programme and attendance at social events is welcomed (Philosophy Café, Friendship Café, pilgrimages).
  • Oversight given to chaplaincy communications, which can be carried out by PCC secretary (email, website, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Local supervisor to ordinands, lay-readers-in-training, and interns as applicable.
  • Chair of the PCC.
  • Member of the Kerkfabriek, the council which relates to the city of Leuven.


Applicants for the post should:


  • Be working as a priest or chaplain in the Church of England or a Church in communion with it
  • Have satisfactorily completed all aspects of Ministerial Education
  • Be eligible to work in Belgium


  • Hold an advanced degree such as MA, MPhil, or PhD

Candidates equipped for the role will be able to demonstrate experience and understanding in the following areas:


  • Recent involvement in academia, university chaplaincy, and/or student ministry
  • Experience and love of working with young people, typically aged 20-40, particularly university students
  • Broad Anglican experience and openness to a variety of styles of worship


  • Experience with diverse expressions of life and faith (e.g. ecumenism, multiculturalism, multi-denominational, etc.)
  • Experience of living outside of the UK
  • Engagement with interreligious dialogue


  • Candidates will be able to demonstrate that they possess knowledge, skills and competencies as follows:


  • Ability to lead a multicultural congregation from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds and traditions, with the Eucharist as the core of the community
  • Ability to discern the gifts & talents of the congregation and integrate them into the life and ministry of the chaplaincy
  • Ability to encourage and facilitate the ministries of others through training
  • Skilled at integrating newcomers into the life of the chaplaincy
  • Willingness to learn one of the national languages (Dutch, French, and German) to the level of B1. Chaplaincy is located in Dutch-speaking Flanders and thus Dutch is the preferred language to learn


  • While members of the PCC support our social media presence and communications, it would be desirable for the chaplain to provide oversight and interaction with these communications
  • Musical skills and/or confidence

For more information about this application process, please use this link