St Margaret Heywood with St George Heap Bridge (0.5) and St James Heywood (0.5)

This job has now expired


Vicar of St Margaret Heywood with St George Heap Bridge (0.5) and St James Heywood (0.5)

The PCCs are looking for someone with energy and vision and who is committed to helping them grow spiritually and numerically and taking the churches' mission to new housing developments.

S/he will

be a team player, able to work collaboratively and delegate effectively

be able to inspire the congregation to be fully involved in mission

be at home using Common Worship, as well as willing to try new styles of worship

be able to encourage and nurture young families and be experienced in schools work as well as able to encourage and develop the ministries and gifts of older people.

The closing date for applications is 20th March 2020 

The interview will be held on 27th March 2020 

Role Description signed off by:  The Acting Archdeacon of Rochdale          

Date:   12.02.2020

To be reviewed after 6 months

  1. Details of Post

Role Title:                  Incumbent

Name of benefice:   St Margaret Heywood with St George Heap Bridge (0.5) and St James Heywood (0.5)

Deanery:                    Heywood and Middleton

Archdeaconry:          Heywood and Middleton                            

Initial point of contact on Terms of Service:  The Acting Archdeacon of Rochdale

  1. Role Purpose


  1. To exercise the cure of souls shared with the bishop in this parish in collaboration with your colleagues
  2. To have regard to the calling and responsibilities of the clergy as described in the Canons, the Ordinal, the Code of Professional Conduct for the Clergy and other relevant legislation.
  3. To work to advance the Kingdom of God through servant leadership, collaboration and example, and with particular regard to the current diocesan mission priorities
    1. for growing churches
    2. for increasing giving
    3. for serving the wider community
    4. for nurturing vocations
  4. To share in the wider work of the deanery and diocese as appropriate, for the building up of the whole Body of Christ


  1. To foster a new partnership between St Margaret’s, St George’s and St James’.
  2. To build on and develop the work with schools
  3. To explore new ways of worshipping, whilst continuing to offer traditional forms of worship
  4. To explore ways of making disciples of people in the new housing developments
  5. To develop the gifts and ministries of all, from the young to the old

3.         Key contacts


            The churchwardens and PCCs of the Benefice

            The Deanery Chapter, Synod and Mission and Pastoral Committee

            The Staff at Church House


Holy Family School

St Margaret’s (VA) Primary

Heap Bridge Primary School

ALM & Reader in training

Uniformed Organizations

Retired Clergy


The Area Dean                     The Reverend Frances Guite

The Archdeacon                  The Venerable David Sharples

The Suffragan Bishop         The Right Reverend Mark Davies

  1. Role context and any other relevant information

St James and St Margaret’s are linked historically: St Margaret’s being the daughter church of St James some time ago. St Margaret’s is a relatively small parish with St George’s being even smaller. The main opportunities for growth are in the schools. St James’ population is larger and forms part of the town centre, but has no church school and (now) no church building. Moving into the old school opposite the church has opened up possibilities for community engagement. There is an expectation that the new parish priest will work to bring the parishes together in new ways, building on historical links.

The proposed restructuring of the Diocese – from 20 deaneries to 7 –means that flexibility and an ability to work collaboratively in mission clusters, which may be fluid in form for some time, are essential for any applicant wishing to serve in the Deanery of Heywood and Middleton and in the Diocese of Manchester.


Person Specification for the role of Incumbent of St Margaret Heywood with St George Heap Bridge (0.5) and St James Heywood (0.5).

Spirituality and Tradition

Applicants for the post should be:

  1. a person rooted in prayer
  2. at home with a variety of worship styles
  3. keen to develop and encourage pastoral care within the parishes
  4. enthusiastic about preaching the Word and inspiring us in mission and spiritual growth
  5. committed to the first mark of mission

Experience and Understanding

Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. experience of working collaboratively with others, lay and ordained
  2. a commitment to discerning and encouraging ministries in others, young and old and inbetween
  3. experience of Mission Action Planning
  4. experience of working with the wider community

Skills and competencies

Applicants should be able to show:

  1. excellent communication skills across a range of media with an ability to relate to people of all ages
  2. a willingness and ability to delegate
  3. proven skills in building, leading and managing teams
  4. an ability to work effectively with schools

General Attributes

Applicants should be:

  1. approachable and encouraging
  2. committed to bringing together the parishes in a new partnership
  3. able to inspire others and take them with him/her
  4. an enthusiastic ‘people person’ with a sense of humour


St Margaret Heywood and St George Heap Bridge


St James Heywood




The Diocese of Manchester extends over most of Greater Manchester and Rossendale and is characterised by its extraordinary diversity of communities and cultures. The vibrancy that this gives to life makes it a joyful and hopeful place to pursue God’s mission. The overall vison of the Diocese is to establish

‘a worshipping, growing and transformative Christian presence at the heart of every community’

and we firmly believe there is an opportunity to do so at this point on our journey of faith.

We have a specific missionary vision, values and goals:

  • Our Values

Faith, Hope and Love

  • Our Inspiration

We run with perseverance the race that is set before us… with our eyes fixed on Jesus

  • Our Mission Goals – to be a Church which is
  • Growing
    • growing new disciples in missionary church communities which are younger, more diverse, active and spiritually engaged
  • Nurturing
    • increasing vocations, nurturing new and existing disciples, increasing financial giving
  • Serving
    • present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally especially the vulnerable, deprived and excluded

Guided by this vision, the Diocese is engaged on a process of strategic planning for the future, led by a ‘Strategic Programme Board’ that includes the three bishops and others with specific gifts in this area.

The Bishop has the resolve to appoint in this Diocese only clergy who have a clear sense of calling to the particular post and are committed, under God, to the Diocesan vision, and its values, inspiration and goals. We believe that mission and ministry are properly undertaken collaboratively, working with neighbouring parishes, specialist and sector ministries, and ecumenical and wider community partners.   Clergy will be expected to work collegially with other ordained ministers and lay people to encourage and sustain the wider mission and ministry of the church. Clergy and parishes are strongly encouraged to undertake a process of ‘Mission Action Planning’.

Clergy are expected to encourage and enable the gifts and ministries of all God’s people and especially to help individuals explore any possible call to ordination (including Ordained Local Ministry), Reader Ministry or Authorised Lay Ministry.

Education is a major factor in the life of the diocese and its mission to young people. There are 191 church schools and a growing number of academies. Unless there is very good reason, where there is a Church School in the parish the minister of that parish is expected to carry out conscientiously the role of ex officio Governor, as part of a wider ministry in the school, although in the case of benefices with several schools no member of the clergy should act as Governor of more than two schools.

We are committed to promoting the well-being of clergy, and in a 2015 survey 91.6% of all the clergy who responded either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, ‘I enjoy ministry in the Diocese of Manchester’.

It is normal for a priest to have a ministerial interest wider than the benefice itself that takes something in the region of 10% of their working time.

Except where required under the terms of the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure 1993 or the House of Bishops Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests 2014 we are committed to ensuring that the Diocese does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of criteria unrelated to their ability to function as a priest in the benefice.

All ministerial appointments in the Diocese are subject to enhanced DBS Disclosure and we are obliged under the requirements of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 to request documentation which will satisfy its requirements of proof of eligibility to work in the UK.


The parishes of St James, St Margaret and St George lie at the western end of the present deanery of Heywood and Middleton and would also be at the western end of the new Deanery of Rochdale were the proposed changes to deanery structures to take place (see below). The deanery is currently made up of two Mission Communities; broadly speaking one being Heywood and the other Middleton.

There is an increasingly population from Eastern Europe within the deanery and some of the churches do significant work with asylum seekers. The deanery has 11 parishes. It is currently served by 5 stipendiary clergy with another due to be licensed in the new year. They work together with Readers, SSMs, OLMs and retired clergy and a group of ALMs.

The diocese is working towards a radical restructuring in order to harness most effectively the resources we have for mission. The proposal is that there will be 7 rather than 20 deaneries and that Heywood and Middleton will be brought together with the Rochdale deanery. Full time Area Deans will oversee mission communities/clusters that will involve parishes working together, served by a range of stipendiary, self-supporting and lay ministers. As the results of the consultation exercise become clear there is an expectation that clergy and parishes understand the need to be flexible about future partnerships. The challenge is great, but we are excited at what God is doing amongst us and where God is leading us. We are a church in transition, committed to delivering the radical changes that are required to grow the Church of the future.