Rector - West Kirby St Bridget

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West Kirby

St Bridget’s Parish Church was founded by Christian Vikings from Ireland, so we have a thousand years of experience of bringing people the good news of the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. People who come into St Bridget's today still encounter God's love in the beautiful, numinous building and in reflective worship and stimulating preaching.

A moderate catholic liturgical tradition of worship with robed choir and organ, centred on the Eucharist, with room for silence and reflection. An appreciation of thoughtful expository preaching with a contextual approach to the Bible, and lively debate in House Groups.

This Parish is proud to be registered with Inclusive Church: we do not discriminate, on any level, on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality. We welcome LGBT people into our Church community. We have an open baptism policy.

In parallel with the main 10am Parish Communion, there is a Storytelling Service in St Bridget’s Centre, mainly for children and their parents, often led by retired clergy. This congregation forms the core of our Music Group, and once a month they join the 10am congregation for All Together Worship. On a typical Sunday we have about 85 at 10am Communion plus about 18 in Storytelling, and about 30 at Caldy Church.
We have strong links with St Bridget’s Primary School and the independent Avalon School.

We are blessed with a large team who lead our worship, including a MSE, four retired priests and three Readers, and we employ an administrator. Approaching a hundred lay people are on rotas or have responsibilities of some kind.
We are financially stable and have renewed our heating, sound, wiring and lighting since 2016. We rebuilt our Church Hall as a modern Community Centre in 2011 -12 and it is well used by both Church and community.

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Application by: 21st February 2020

West Kirby is a small town on the Dee estuary, 12 miles from Liverpool. St Bridget’s Church is the oldest building, , situated at the heart of the old village. Our list of Rectors starts at 1140. The population was 12,733 in 2011. There is little employment in the town apart from schools and shops; most people commute or are retired. It is a well off area with many professionals working at universities and hospitals, and has excellent schools.

The situation is attractive, with the Marine Lake and Promenade, Beach, Caldy Hill and Ashton Park; the Rectory has views across the estuary to the hills of Wales.

House prices are high for the region and young adults tend to move away, but there are plenty of families with school age children.

Caldy is an affluent village of about 1500 souls, with Caldy Church in the centre. It has attractive houses but no shop, pub or amenities apart from the Church and Church Hall, Rugby, Cricket and Golf Clubs.

Although there is little visible poverty here, there are pastoral needs such as loneliness, and we have links with a parish and primary schools in a deprived area of east Wirral.

Our worship is centred on the Eucharist, and we value liturgy, reverence, beauty, vestments and music. We value the rites of Holy Week and Ash Wednesday, such as Stripping the Altars, Gethsemane Watch, Good Friday, Lighting the New Fire and Imposition of Ashes. The Sacrament is reserved, and a team of clergy, readers and lay people bring it to people who cannot attend Church. We value pastoral visiting, especially for the sick and bereaved.
Our Groups, Events, Community Centre, and links with the Schools and Museum bring us into contact with a large Fringe, with opportunities to serve and to share our faith.

Our social concerns include the Environment, LGBT equality, and consideration for people with disabilities or dementia.

  • Leading reverent worship where people can encounter the Lord
  • Serving the Parish with kindness
  • Continuing the excellent work in the Primary Schools, and developing work with the older children
  • Maintaining and enhancing the mission of Caldy Church
  • Support for our Inclusive principles and putting them into practice
  • Preaching and teaching to stimulate lively enquiring minds, so that we comprehend more of the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of God, and learn how better to serve Him and feed His sheep
  • Leading an active team of clergy and lay people, and encouraging younger members to take more responsibility as existing workers get older
  • Support for planning for a small extension to St Bridget’s Church with toilet facilities
  • Support for Eco-Congregation and social initiatives
  • A person of prayer and vision, open to the Holy Spirit, called to this Parish
  • A consultative leader and collaborative minister, able to use and develop the ministries of others, both lay and ordained
  • A kind pastor with a heart for the needs of the whole Parish including the School communities, not just the gathered congregation
  • Someone who appreciates liturgy, vestments and a reverent numinous atmosphere in worship
    like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old
  • An intelligent preacher and teacher to stimulate lively minds
  • In sympathy with the Inclusive Church movement and our open baptism policy
    welcoming all regardless ofdisability, economic power, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning disability, mental health, neurodiversity, or sexuality

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The Diocese of Chester is in the province of York in the Church of England, part of the global Anglican Communion. For more information about our life, ministry and work please visit our website We are linked with the Anglican Church of Melanesia in the Solomon Islands and the Dioceses of Aru and Boga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Diocese covers an area of 1025 square miles, approximately the old Victorian County of Chester, including parts which subsequently became absorbed into Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The Rivers Mersey and Tame approximately delineate the boundary with Liverpool and Manchester. There are areas of dense urban population, mainly in the north, stretching from Birkenhead to East Manchester. There are prosperous suburban regions of West and South Wirral, Chester and south of Manchester, with a mainly rural heartland, bounded by the Derbyshire Pennines and the Welsh Border. The overall population is around 1.6 million.

The position of Diocesan Bishop is currently vacant and the Bishop of Birkenhead is Keith Sinclair currently acting Diocesan Bishop, the position of Bishop of Stockport is also currently vacant.

The Cathedral for the Diocese is in Chester.

The Diocese is divided into two archdeaconries: Chester covering the western half and Macclesfield the eastern, each with nine deaneries. There are 273 parishes, about 100 of which can be described as rural. Compared with many dioceses, there are few teams, and few multi-parish benefices. There are approximately 231 stipendiary clergy. The ministry of Readers and Pastoral Workers is important, with over 400 licensed. The role of self-supporting ministers is increasing, with over 80 in post at present.

Roughly speaking, the Archdeaconry of Macclesfield covers that part of the diocese to the east of the M6, plus the area around Crewe and Nantwich. The Archdeaconry of Chester covers the rest of the diocese to the west of the M6. Each archdeaconry has a broad mix of urban and rural parishes. The Archdeacon of Chester lives in Chester, and the Archdeacon of Macclesfield lives in Congleton. Both now work from Church House, Daresbury.