Vicar Christ Church Orpington

This job has now expired
Orpington Kent

Christ Church is a church to the south of Orpington close to the M25.We have sought to serve the local community since 1938.Today we are aware that changes need to be made to adapt to changes in society and to resource the many activities that take place each week.God is calling us for growth, numerically and spiritually.Is God calling you to lead us?

Orpington is situated on the south-east side of London. It is in the London Borough of Bromley, a large borough with many different demographic areas. Orpington is at the south east of the Borough, close to the Kent countryside and the M25. Christ Church is situated in an area which grew in the 1930s with the advent of the railways.

The density of population in the area is average and there are areas of wide-open space. The High Street is Orpington’s most dominant physical landmark and resembles ‘Any Town UK’. Facilities are adequate with many major shops represented, although some street stores are now located in a shopping complex about a mile north of the High Street. The High Street is dominated by a large supermarket and a vast number of restaurants and coffee shops. There is a college alongside the High Street. Recreation facilities in Orpington include a large sports centre with swimming pool, several gyms and a bowling alley. Priory Gardens is the town’s largest park and hosts a number of community events throughout the year. London is only 25 minutes away by train and there is good access to the motorway network from the nearby M25. There is an excellent local bus service.

In order to meet us where we are …… to lead us and move us on …… we see the following as the skills, competencies and qualities required in our new vicar:


  • Rooted in prayer
  • Committed to searching the Scriptures to provide a biblical basis for own life and for ministry
  • Open to the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Have a heart for sharing the gospel of Jesus in a way that is relevant, appealing and challenging to modern life
  • Alive to changes in society
  • A nurturer of relationships with a pastoral heart

Leadership and Team building

  • Enabler, encourager and good communicator
  • Ability to build and manage teams of paid staff and volunteers
  • Ability to inspire and facilitate a refreshed vision for the future
  • Team player - able to lead and develop a cohesive team


  • Committed to sharing the gospel with Christians and non-Christians, young and old,
  • Committed to supporting Unity Church Ramsden (see page 32) and to working with other churches in Orpington
  • Interested in initiating and leading community focused projects

The PCC and Leadership Team had a period of time away and have reflected on where it would want Christ Church to be in 5 years’ time. As a result, we feel we need an incumbent/leader to assist the church to identify, facilitate and work to a refreshed and cohesive set of corporate priorities under God. The challenges we see for the future are:

Worship and Prayer

  • ‘Out in the Community’ is a really important link with our community. The challenge is to grow this work, so we have more engagement with our local community and more opportunities to pray for them,
  • Awareness and willingness to adapt to changes in society (for example, the secularisation of Sunday and the spread of Sunday sport distracts some families from Sunday worship; we are just beginning to think about Sunday afternoon activities),
  • Deepen the spiritual life of the church including the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives,
  • More space and time for corporate prayer and reflection.
  • Continue to give others space to minister and develop.

Discipleship and Fellowship

  • Home group attendance is falling. The challenge is to establish small groups that are attractive to people and can lead onto volunteering and serving roles,
  • To develop clearly identified roles for people in church,
  • Challenge infrequent attendance at church,
  • We often experience a lack of volunteers in youth ministries (and some extent in children’s ministries). And so, the challenge is to encourage more people to see this ministry as vital to the future of the Church.

Evangelism and Social Action

  • We are good at connecting to people but how do we bring Jesus to them? How do we move people from attending a fringe groups like Tea and Toys?
  • Lack of people in their 20s and 30s,
  • Unchurched generation – allow children to attend groups without their parents having to attend church?
  • Hold events to bring new people into church.

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