Director of Operations

This job has now expired
Kennington, London
Fixed Term Full Time
35,000 per annum

This is an exciting opportunity for a Director of Operations at St. Anslems church, North Lambeth.  This is key role within one of the specific projects that have been identified in places across the Diocese of Southwark to implement “A Fruitful Future: Strategic growth and cultural change in the large, diverse Diocese of Southwark”.  These projects have been developed where there is a clear opportunity for growth and funding has been obtained from the Church of England’s Strategic Development Funding to support them.

The purpose of the role is to create and execute a plan to take advantage of potential capital development opportunities inherent within the existing estate and potential partners. This will entail delivering viable projects to enable the development and refurbishment of St Anselm’s Church, maximizing the benefits of the existing and new estate for the delivery of mission (both in growing the congregation and impacting on social justice issues) and improving the financial position of the Parish.

    The overarching responsibilities of the post are to develop, agree, implement and deliver options for the development of the St Anselm’s site that:

    • are affordable and utilise opportunities for estate reconfiguration and partnerships with other organisations;
    • deliver the mission of the church through improving facilities for worship, developing and growing the congregation and creating a hub for services that support the most vulnerable in our society;
    • create income streams to cover existing costs and fund further development of the mission.

    Key responsibilities will include:

    • to develop development programme approval and oversight processes and develop business cases for agreement.
    • to develop and coordinate an overall programme plan.
    • to support the PCC to ensure that work-streams are planned and carried outeffectively.
    • engage key stakeholders and lead negotiations with developers, planners, partners and funders securing best commercial outcomes for the Parish
    • liaise with Diocese and other relevant Church bodies to both secure buy-in and formal approvals
    • to support the Parish in creating a vision for the site that delivers projects that make a real impact on the lives of people in the community
    • to translate that vision in to a concrete plan capable of agreement and implementation
    • to manage critical transformation projects, ensuring that appropriate plans are produced,keymilestonesareachievedandthattherequiredoutcomesaremet.
    • to ensure full compliance with all legal aspects of the programme.


    • Experience of developing building-based solutions that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders
    • Experience of working with professional advisers to deliver high quality affordable buildings
    • Knowledge and experience of best-practice procurement processes
    • Ability to develop business cases and navigate complex approvals process
    • Experience of high-value contract negotiation
    • Experience of delivering project/programmes in a timely fashion and on budget, knowledge of project management techniques and processes
    • Experience of managing programmes through a programme board


    • Understanding and commitment to missional values regarding social justice
    • Ability to support the creation of a powerful vision for the site that best meets the needs of the community
    • Experience and ability in creating a service model that delivers that vision including flexibility to alter in response to changing circumstance and need
    • Experience of commissioning services / negotiating site rentals and usage, from multiple organisations in order to maximise social benefit and fully utilise the asset


    • Experience of engaging and maintaining the relationship with multiple stakeholders with differing aims
    • Ability to design engagement processes so that St Anselm’s congregation retains the ownership of the development
    • Personal credibility to represent the Parish in interactions with stakeholders/ commercial partners

    The Diocese of Southwark, founded in 1905, forms part of the Province of Canterbury in England and is part of the wider Church of England, in turn part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Diocese covers primarily the area of Greater London which is South of the Thames, together with the Eastern part of the county of Surrey. It is one of the largest dioceses in terms of population and parishes as well as one of the most diverse.

    As a Diocese, we celebrate churches, worshipping communities and fresh expressions of Church, across the full spectrum of traditions, that speak well of each other and support each other as together we seek to deliver a our key objectives.  This diversity and range of contexts within our Diocese means there needs to be more than one approach to missional growth – and this role will be a key feature of our journey towards delivering this growth.

    In 2016, the Diocese was awarded a major grant to develop fresh expressions of Church throughout the Diocese and to grow the Church in new development areas, in particular the Nine Elms development on the South Bank in the Vauxhall /Battersea area.

    In 2019 the Diocese was awarded a second major grant this time for six specific projects in places identified across the Diocese where there is a clear opportunity for growth and where lessons learned can be replicated to good effect across the Diocese and the wider church.