Pioneer Minister to the Parish of Kells

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Kells Whitehaven


One Church, One Pioneer, One Community.

Under the God for All initiative, Carlisle diocese has growing reputation for creative mission and a strong vision to reach out to everyone in the county. St Peters Church, Kells, Whitehaven is moving with this vision to recruit a full-time stipendiary Ordained Pioneer Minister. 

The pioneer will lead the church in making the most of the good community connections established, growing new Christian communities in the area, and supporting the congregation to reach out further and creatively into their community. 

There is a growing coalition of pioneers emerging in Cumbria, who are able to access support and development through the Northern Pioneer Centre (a collaboration between God for All and Church Mission Society) and we hope this role will contribute to our growing pioneer community and mixed ecology of church across Cumbria. Additionally, the pioneer will play a key role in the wider mission community, offering leadership, and developing innovative mission and outreach in the wider area. 

Full details are available on the Diocesan website, including profiles and required Diocesan application forms.

Diocesan website:

If you would like an informal chat about the local context please ring Richard Passmore, Director of Mission Innovation and Fresh Expressions, on 07823415816 or Richard Pratt, the Archdeacon, on 01900 66190

Closing Date for Applications 17 April 2020

Interviews 6 May 2020



To establish, nurture and grow new Christian communities for Kells that are formed through listening and understanding the needs of the people, while maintaining a connection with the local parish church that respects and re-imagines their own traditions and journey. To support and encourage the wider Mission Community in innovative mission and Fresh Expressions

An ability to listen to, and read, the culture of our community

Imagination to develop mission that is rooted in the needs of the people rather than around buildings and programmes 

A deep but lively faith in the inclusive love of God, with the enthusiasm to share that with others.

The ability to work with and respect the inherited traditions of the Parish whilst working in non-traditional ways that are appropriate to Pioneering new Christian communities

An ability to engage with and communicate with a variety of people, especially those who don’t engage with church.

An active and creative spiritual life that sustains their ministry and connects them to God’s world.

An ability to create, lead and inspire a team whilst working with a collaborative approach to ministry.

A desire to work with colleagues in ministry, and the openness to share in elements of parochial ministry across different traditions

Experience of journeying with people as they explore faith, community and formation

Experience of having pioneered Christian community among people who do not have a connection with church

Experience of social action projects

An ability to innovate creatively


The Diocese of Carlisle covers (more or less) the County of Cumbria; it is called the Diocese of Carlisle because traditionally Dioceses had to be called after a city rather than a county - though this is changing.

The Diocese is divided into 11 deaneries, and then into about 100 benefices each with a vicar; each benefice consists of one or more parishes - and there are more than 260 parishes in the Diocese.

This structure is designed to make sure that everyone in the country has a parish church where they have the legally enforceable right to be baptised, to be married and to be buried; and to make sure that there are intermediate levels of responsibility, accountability and support.

Closing date for applications 13 Feb 2020

Interviews to be held 10th & 11th of December 2019